AppFirst Extends Real-Time App Monitor to Monitor Business

AppFirst, the creator of a customizable real-time application performance monitoring platform and dashboard, has taken its technology the next step by applying it to business information. The company has extended its platform and dashboard to collect and visually display real-time business information as it happens.

For instance, David Roth, AppFirst CEO told me, “If I’m an ecommerce company I want to know if 37 shoppers abandoned their carts. Is it technical or a business problem? We’ve heard loud and clear that customers want to look at both things at the same time.”

The AppFirst platform and dashboard can be customized to simultaneously display multiple data streams, chosen by the customer, that show the health of the business, from ecommerce operations to web performance to other metrics.

“If you are a SaaS company, your performance IS your business,” Roth said. Another vertical that immediately understands the value proposition is the gaming industry. For instance, Zynga leverages over 100,000 instances of compute per day to support Words with Friends.

Now AppFirst is looking to partner with IT service providers to create prototypes of customized platforms for particular vertical industries such as healthcare or legal practices. Roth says that AppFirst would work closely with such a partner to create the prototype and then the partner could take it to market with its customers.

AppFirst, founded in 2009, is based in New York City and is backed by FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital and Javelin Partners.



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