Anti-Spam Meets Managed Services

Rewind to January 2004. At the time, Bill Gates predicted the spam problem would be solved within two years. With that single prediction, Gates was wrong, right and misinterpreted all at once. No, the spam problem hasn't been solved. Yes, there are now tools available to help mitigate spam. And contrary to what many members of the press reported, Gates never said he would rid the world of spam. Instead, he was suggesting that best practices combined with effective tools would largely mitigate the spam problem. With that thought in mind, software companies are promoting anti-spam solutions to managed service providers.A case in point: Engate Technology has introduced a managed email security solution that extends the company's Anti-Spam Channel Partner Program. The program allows partners to offer customers an on-demand, subscription-based email service that includes anti-spam capabilities. Engate says the program includes technical training and support, lead sharing, incentive programs, co-marketing support and access to an online partner portal.

Of course, plenty of MSPs and email hosting services already offer anti-spam technologies. But Engate's announcement reminded me that not even Bill Gates can fully address the channel's IT needs.

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