Amazon Web Services Previews Identity and Access Management

One of the hottest topics in cloud computing today is that of identity and access management, with every major player trying to figure out the best way to make sure only those who need to access cloud data, can. Amazon Web Services is throwing their hat into the ring with the “preview beta” of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Here’s the story.

It’s a very simple concept: AWS IAM enables administrators to create specific Users within your AWS account and give them permissions and unique security credentials. In plain terms, that means you don’t have to give out your master login credentials if you’d like someone else to work with your cloud files and computing instances - and you can revoke those permissions, too.

AWS IAM is free while it’s in beta, and their blog entry indicates that they’re launching new features and AWS Management Console support as they get closer to final release.

Meanwhile, traditional software companies have been adapting their IAM expertise for the cloud. One recent example involves Novell Cloud Security Service (NCSS), which service providers can use to safeguard customer applications.

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