Alert Logic Cloud Security Report: Cloud is Lower Risk Than On-Premise

Alert Logic Cloud Security Report: Cloud is Lower Risk Than On-Premise

Alert Logic VP of Marketing Urvish VashiThe major deterrent that has kept companies from embracing cloud environments is security. Some just don't trust their data to remain safe in the cloud. Now Alert Logic has released a report that could become the major defense against the cloud security argument. The security-as-a-service provider recently released its first ever State of Cloud Security Report.

The Report is a semi-annual quantitative analysis study that compares Alert Logic business customers' real-life security incidents in hosted environments and cloud environments with security incidents that occur in on-premise environments. The result? Alert Logic found managed cloud environments to be safer than on-premise environments.

Of course, it's important to keep such reports in perspective: Alert Logic's prime business is security, so of course the company believes the cloud can be safe for user applications.

"While security can never be taken for granted, decisions around where and how to deploy IT infrastructure should be based on fact not fear," Alert Logic VP of Operations Marty McGuffin said in a prepared statement. "Our research suggests that a well managed service provider can not only match the level of security found inside an enterprise's four walls, but actually exceed it."

It only makes sense that Alert Logic would produce this type of report. When I spoke with Alert Logic VP of Marketing Urvish Vashi [pictured] a few weeks before the report was released, Vashi said that the security-as-a-service provider already gathers all of the information included in its State of Cloud Security Report as part of its day-to-day security operations. The difference now is that Alert Logic has organized the information into a report that it can use to better serve its customers and that its customers can use to better understand the risks they face, and how to counter those network security risks.

Here are some other notable findings from the Alert Logic State of Cloud Security Report, courtesy of Alert Logic:

  • Service providers can reduce mis-configured security incidents for their end-users by as much as 92 percent if they follow an IT infrastructure management best practices manual.
  • Sixty-five percent of service provider customers and 71 percent of on-premise users experience web application attacks. With that said, it's hardly a coincidence that Alert Logic recently acquired Armorlogic, a web applications security service provider.
  • On-premise environment users experience an average of three different network attacks.
The Alert Logic State of Cloud Security Report included security data from over 1,500 customers and totaled more than 62,000 security incidents over the course of the last 12 months. You can find a full copy of the report here.
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