Alert Logic Cloud Security Partner Program: A Closer Look

When the Alert Logic Cloud Acceleration Partner Program (CAPP) launched a few days ago, we wanted to take a closer look. Who exactly would the cloud security partner program potentially help MSPs and VARs? Alert Logic VP of Marketing Urvish Vashi offered me some insights.

Alert Logic specializes in managed IT security and compliance automation. So far, Rapid7 is the only Alert Logic CAPP partner -- and there's good reason for that. "This is an environment in which we want to have the best of breed players," Vashi said. "We have the capacity to entertain a large pipeline, but we intend to be pretty selective." That doesn't Alert Logic isn't looking for more partners. Vashi said Alert Logic is looking at "select opportunities." But even once those deals are signed, the integration process takes a couple of months at best. So Rapid7 can expect to be the lone member for the foreseeable future.

Potential partners have to meet three requirements for the Alert Logic CAPP program:

  1. Their technology has to address a key security issue that Alert Logic partners are facing.
  2. There must be a demand for that company's solutions within the channel.
  3. The CAPP member has to be willing to integrate its products and technology with Alert Logic.
Look for more Alert Logic cloud news hitting the wire within the next week or so.
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