Airwatch Promises Mobile Device Management Support for iOS 6

The release of Apple iOS 6 adds more work for managed service providers (MSPs) as they look to manage an upgraded mobile operating system, but MSPs can handle the heavy workload by being prepared. Mobile security provider AirWatch announced comprehensive support for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS 6 which will be available the same day the new OS is released. Here are the details.

iOS 6 includes new mobile device management (MDM) benefits that Airwatch leverages to provide the following capabilities to customers:

  • Disable shared photo stream
  • Automatically remove profiles at a certain date or after a given period of time
  • Set the device wallpaper for the lock screen, home screen or both
  • Prevent recent contacts from syncing to the mail server
Airwatch also leverages Apple Configurator to provide the following controls over devices set-up in supervised mode:
  • Force all device network traffic through a global HTTP proxy
  • Disable iMessage
  • Prevent installation of certificates or unmanaged configuration profiles
  • Disable Game Center and iBookstore and set iBookstore content rating restrictions
Prior to this announcement, AirWatch integrated its Apple Configurator with iPhone and iPad devices for mass deployment and configuration back at the end of August. Also at the end of August, Bradford Networks, a provider of secure network access control (NAC) solutions, formed a strategic partnership with AirWatch to offer a solution that provides management and security with mobile devices.

Airwatch also recently announced a significant MSP partnership with Azaleos, one of the MSPmentor 100 fastest growing managed service providers, to power Azaleos' own mobile device management offering.

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