10 Most Read Managed Services Stories Q3 2011

10 Most Read Managed Services Stories Q3 2011

We've nearly reached 2012. But before we all ring in the New Year, MSPmentor is looking back at the most read managed services stories of 2011. We've already recapped the 10 most read MSP news stories from Q1 and Q2 2011. Now let's look at the most read MSP stories from Q3 2011 and the reasons managed services readers tuned in.

10. The Most Critical Managed Service - Help Desk Services: Sometimes the most basic IT service is the most critical service. Such is the case with help desk services.

9. Senior VP Jay McBain Leaving Autotask: The Lenovo veteran spent less than a year at Autotask as new CEO Mark Cattini ultimately reshaped the company and management team to focus on his international vision. These days, McBain is assisting former Autotask CEO Bob Godgart with the Channel Eyes launch.

8. Microsoft Office 365: Cloud Billing Policy - An Update: Microsoft's SaaS platform offers aggressive pricing for customers, but some partners remain concerned about Microsoft's cloud billing policies, as this blog entry covered.

7. HP's New Direction: Five Critical Lessons For Your Business: Some big-time changes at HP offered timely lessons to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

6. Ready to Manage Windows Servers From Windows Phone 7?: Microsoft faces an uphill battle in the smartphone market, but this blog entry proved MSPs are at least interested in Microsoft's strategy across mobile devices and servers.

5. Microsoft's Next Killer Platform - All Roads Lead to Lync: In the unified communications market, MSPs are taking a close look at Microsoft Lync, MSPmentor believes.

4. Microsoft Windows 8 Strategy Update at BUILD: Yes, MSPs are deeply interested in Windows 8 and the touch user interface.

3. Nimsoft: Same Strategy, New Leadership, 80 Percent Growth: A range of anecdotal data suggests CA Technologies' buyout of Nimsoft has performed exceptionally well.

2. If I Was Launching An MSP Today: 10 Steps to Consider: As more VARs and resellers enter the MSP market, MSPmentor offered this advice.

1. Computer Sciences Corp. Stumbles Badly With Managed Services: A timely reminder that the managed services market isn't easy, and an insider's look at what went wrong at Computer Sciences Corp.

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