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5 Lessons to Ensure Project Management Success

5 Lessons to Ensure Project Management Success

Everyone takes on projects, but effectively managing a project means the difference between failure and success. The project management function is integral to the oversight of projects, from conception to completion, and the use of effective techniques helps to complete project work on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the business. 

It may sound simple, but project management presents some significant challenges, including time allocation, resource scheduling, budget adherence, communication, expectation clarification and customer satisfaction. The greatest challenge, however, is ensuring each component of a project is addressed at the right time, by the right person. So how do you ensure your project manager is leading your projects down the right path? 

Consider these five best practice concepts when planning key Project Management activities:

Catch Risks Up Front – Taking the time to review and manage risk up front is a great investment. It is nearly impossible to reverse a risk once it has transpired.

Sponsor Every Project – Every project needs an owner from the customer side and provider side. These stakeholders serve as key personnel to manage changes, expectations and resolutions.

Guard Against Scope Creep – Having control of the project is key to ensuring you are working in conjunction with the customer to authorize the agreed upon project and define changes in scope as change requests arise. Manage customer expectations and reset them as needed.

You’re Only as Good as Your Work Plan – Having a detailed work plan provides clarity and visibility on the requirements of the project. Detailed work plans also provide a breakdown of tasks to assign.

Definition is the Key to Success – Projects need end goals defined. Ongoing monitoring and management will ensure you are on course for success. When agreed-upon definition requirements are met, the project is finished.

For more information on effective project management, download the eBook, "Stop the Bleeding: Get Project Timelines and Budgets Under Control." If you have any other suggestions for project management, or if you want to talk about pain points, comment below.

Brian Troy is a product marketing manager for ConnectWise. Made for companies that sell, service and support technology, ConnectWise is the No. 1 business management platform worldwide. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship.

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