An Open Letter to HTG Peer Group 8

An Open Letter to HTG Peer Group 8

A few weeks ago I was seated in the audience when HTG Peer Groups Founder Arlin Sorensen unveiled Hands That Give -- an insurance policy and emergency program to help member VARs and MSPs during times of professional or personal crisis. Everybody in the room noticed that Sorensen nearly broke down emotionally while describing the effort to attendees. His personal vow: No HTG member would get left behind in a time of personal or professional crisis. Now, members of HTG Peer Group 8 (HTG8) are taking that message to heart.

Indeed, HTG8 members are on the road assisting an MSP -- SNC Squared -- that lost its office during the recent tornado that leveled Joplin, Missouri. The managed services industry should pause for a moment and take a closer look at (A) Sorensen's vision and (B) HTG8's execution of that vision.

I've got to concede: I barely find the time to unplug a few hours to sit down with my family for dinner. Meanwhile, HTG8 members have unplugged from their own families and their own businesses to assist SNC Squared. And Sorensen is calling on more HTG members to get involved with Hands That Give.

Hats off to Sorensen for the vision. And to the HTG8 team for executing that vision. Best wishes to the SNC Squared team and all those impacted by the recent tornadoes.

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