Hurricane Irene Clean-up: Electricity Is Key Challenge

Hurricane Irene Clean-up: Electricity Is Key Challenge

Generally speaking, SMB customer networks across the U.S. east coast are running well following Hurricane Irene. But flood waters and extended power outages have complicated the recovery process for some managed services providers (MSPs). Nearly 5.5 million people lack power/electricity on the U.S. east coast, and in some cases power providers say repairs could require a week of work.

MSP-centric organizations such as HTG Peer Groups were on high-alert throughout the hurricane. The organization's Hands That Give effort ensures that member MSPs receive assistance when a personal or business disaster happens.

"I heard from eight of our members already this morning," said Arlin Sorensen, founder of HTG Peer Groups. "The common theme – it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected and everyone is doing well with the exception of an occasional tree or rain issue. In most cases they all know of areas that did receive some damage and are digging out – but even power for most seems to be okay."

About an hour later, Sorensen said he hearing more reports of power issues, including chatter from U.S. Computer Connection in Stamford, Conn. "We had 50 client servers down as of this morning, but thankfully they were all power or ISP related," wrote Garry Feldman, president of U.S. Computer Connection, in an email that HTG shared with MSPmentor.

The MSPmentor team also is dealing with power issues across Long Island and North of New York City. Most of us are working remote today -- from Starbucks, book stores, libraries and other destinations that quench of need for power and WiFi. The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), which serves my region, thinks most power will be restored by Friday, Sept. 2, but some outages could stretch on into the following week.

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