How to Get Your Managed Services Questions Answered

Just when I was ready to unplug for the night, I received an email from Nimsoft's Ken Vanderweel. In it, he asked if MSPmentor planned to introduce an "Ask a Question" feature, where visitors could post questions, provide answers and interact with one another. Well Ken, I feel like Casey Kasem. Because I'm about to answer your long distance request.

First, a little background. MSPmentor already has "part" of a solution in place. It's called Ask A Mentor. You'll find "Ask A Mentor" listed in our menu system above, under the "Connections" heading.

Each time an Ask A Mentor inquiry comes in, I either answer it personally or I direct it to an industry expert. In most cases, the question is beyond my expertise. So, we bow out of the conversation but ensure there's a private email exchange between a reader and an MSP industry expert.

Now, for Something New

But Vanderweel and other readers have been asking us to post reader inquiries publicly.

With that type of feedback in mind we're going to try the following: If you have inquiries, please continue to use our Ask a Mentor feature. After you send in an inquiry, I'll check with you to see if you'd prefer a private answer or a public discussion on our web site.

Stay tuned. Reader questions to follow soon. I hope a few MSP gurus will jump into the conversation to answer them.

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