BDR for Reliable Enough for a Nuclear Strike

BDR for Reliable Enough for a Nuclear Strike

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) requires managed services providers (MSPs) to plan for disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards, but what about the possibility of nuclear strike? Have you prepared a plan for the end of the world? BlackPoint IT Services CEO James Watson jokingly suggested to MSPmentor that his company has prepared itself for a nuclear bomb, which is just a strong way to express his certainty that his clients' data is secure. Here's an inside look at Watson's view on BDR and the company.

Pacific northwest BlackPoint IT Services, an MSPmentor 200 company, provides IT services in Portland, Ore; Seattle and Boise. James and Lesleigh Watson acquired the company in  April 2005 . BlackPoint IT Services provides managed IT and consulting services, including infrastructure, security, storage, virtualization, business continuity, portals and collaboration, print and sustainable IT solutions.

Selecting a BDR solution

BlackPoint tested several different solutions for BDR via customer trials and in house trials but ended up selecting Datto because he believes their solution is the most solid and complete.

How does BlackPoint prepare for natural disasters?

Watson stressed the importance of location, location and location. Spreading data among multiple locations prevents a regional disaster from wiping out data from a single location. With this in mind, BlackPoint has prepared "redundant co-locations, hybrid cloud appliances from two providers." The company also performs quarterly test restores, "We do quarterly test restores and all people must be able to do their work from home.  We occasionally get snow days where this is tested."

"If our city was hit by a nuke we have two redundant co-locations in Texas and New York," Watson said. "If the USA disappears, I have a bow and a couple quivers of arrows in the basement."

Back in January, the company completed the acquisition of Networks Now! -- an IT services and computer repair company.


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