Autotask CEO Next to Join MSP Alliance Vendor Board

Autotask CEO Next to Join MSP Alliance Vendor Board

Bob GodgartThe MSP Alliance continues to build out its Vendor Advisory Board. Next to join is Autotask CEO Bob Godgart (pictured), we hear. The Godgart announcement should come in a few days or so. So, how will MSP Alliance differ from the MSP Partner organization? We received some thoughts from MSP Alliance CEO Charles Weaver. Here's a look.

First, Weaver confirmed that Godgart will join the MSP Alliance Vendor Advisory Board. N-able CEO Gavin Garbutt was the first person on the board earlier this week. "We will be naming more board members shortly," wrote Weaver in an email to MSPmentor. "Bob Godgart (CEO of Autotask) will be the next one."

How does the MSP Alliance's vendor board differ from work under way at MSP Partners (a vendor-driven group formed by Level Platforms Update: See thoughts from Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford in the comments area below. He clarifies the MSP Partners' history, backing, etc.

MSP Alliance's Weaver was happy to discuss the difference between MSP Alliance and MSP Partners. "We are different from MSP Partners because we are neutral and represent the entire community of Vendors, not just a select handful," wrote Weaver. "We have no formal relations between MSP Partners and will likely not have any in the near futur Most of the members in our group (and non-member MSPs) we talk to feel it would be politically dangerous to align ourselves to a select group of vendors."

Still, some platform providers see value in both groups. Autotask, for instance, is an MSP Partners platinum sponsor and Autotask's CEO is now joining MSP Alliances' Vendor Advisory Board. And Level Platforms has stated that MSP Partners is open to all interested vendors that would like to join the organization.

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