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How to Choose the Right Cloud Backup Partner

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to cloud backup. MSPs might be rightly confused about how to go about the selection process. Here are some pointers to help make the process easier and more successful.

Cloud Crushes On-Premise in Backup Performance

The original argument for the cloud was that it was cheaper, though it struggled to match on-premise technology in terms of security and performance. During the last few years, cloud security has evolved to the point where many consider cloud providers to offer better security than traditional data centers. And now the final piece of the puzzle is in place.

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Is the Cloud Really Cheaper?

Those who aren’t convinced that the cloud is cheaper should complete a simple exercise: Add up all the costs of “building your own” to come up with an internal cost per GB overall.

How to Sell Cloud Backup

In the old days, MSPs could get away with specialization. They could deliver one service well–such as storage, security, help desk or email. Provided the quality of service was high and their pricing competitive, they could thrive. These days, that may not be enough. Many MSPs have realized that the more width they can bring to their portfolio, the more attractive their offerings become.

On Dinosaurs, Hand-Crank Record Players and Backup Appliances

Once upon a time, it took a hand crank to be able to play a song recording. And you needed a laptop-sized unit in your car to be able to make a phone call. But technology evolves, and all that extra gear eventually (or inevitably) became unnecessary.

5 Factors To Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Disaster Recovery System

When you hear the word “disaster,” you probably picture a major flood, fire, blizzard or the like. Any one of these events would certainly be bad news for businesses, but, for customers of MSPs, disasters are not all-or-nothing propositions. Instead, they encompass a whole range of large and small incidents that can result in data and service losses.