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The True Cost of Building Your Own Backup and Storage Infrastructure

Many MSPs have not yet assembled the platform required to offer enterprise-class backup or disaster recovery to customers. So should they invest months in erecting their own infrastructure? Such a decision should never be taken lightly. It is essential to achieve a full understanding of the costs involved.

Making Cloud Backup Enterprise-Ready for MSPs

There has been a lot of talk about the degree of enterprise readiness of the cloud. Some argue that it doesn’t have the performance capabilities of data center-based applications. Maybe the question we should be asking is whether the service is enterprise-ready. Many existing cloud services have a consumer heritage—fine for individual users and perhaps a very small business. And therein lies the problem. An enterprise-ready service should be designed from the ground up to operate in the cloud and provide enterprise-level performance, features and security.

Backing Up Large Data Sets

Some MSPs may be understandably worried about taking on the responsibility of backing up large data sets. After all, just about any analyst you talk to is projecting data growth of 30% or more per year. So is it a wise move to add to existing service responsibilities by taking on an additional service such as cloud backup? The answer is a resounding yes.

A ‘Gold Rush’ for Cloud Backup?

Not so long ago, relatively few MSPs considered adding cloud backup to their service portfolio. But it looks like a cloud gold rush could be happening at any moment.

Tape vs. Cloud: No Contest

When it comes to the battle between tape and the cloud, it’s no contest. That’s why companies are transitioning more and more data off tape and placing it on the cloud.

Data center

Data Centers: Is the Build vs. Buy Debate Finally Over?

The debate about build versus buy has raged for years. But the total cost of owning your own data center outweighs the perceived benefits, and it looks like the argument in favor of “buy” may have gained the upper hand once and for all.

Post-Disaster Data Recovery: 5 Critical Factors for MSPs

For MSPs’ customers, disasters are not an all-or-nothing proposition. Instead, they encompass a whole range of large and small incidents that can result in data and service losses. Here are five critical factors MSPs should keep in mind when setting up their own and their customers’ systems for easy data recovery after a disaster.

6 Key Cloud Backup Considerations for MSPs

There are a lot of cloud backup solutions available on the market. An important choice is whether to use one or two that give you the most features and capabilities at an affordable price point, or to opt for multiple vendors that address specific niche needs.

MSP Tips: Building Higher Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Marketing brought you the leads. Sales sealed the deal. Now the true metric for success comes into play: keeping customers happy, and in it for the long run. For MSPs, the ability to satisfy customers and build loyalty can make or break their business.