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MSP Best Practices to Protect Clients from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks can have a devastating effect on your clients, so it’s vital that you understand this threat, explain it to customers, and introduce them to the technologies and policies that can stop it. To help, we’ve listed the key best practices MSPs should follow to protect clients against ransomware.

What MSPs Should Know about Crypto Ransomware

With crypto ransomware dominating recent headlines, many MSP clients are understandably concerned that ransomware attacks might disrupt their business operations and potentially cost them thousands of dollars. MSPs can help protect customers against ransomware by educating themselves on the threat and implementing the optimal technologies and policies to fight it.

Best Security Practices for Growing MSPs, Part 2

It’s obvious that winning new customers is critical for an MSP’s growth, but savvy MSPs will tell you that client retention is the more significant factor when determining an MSP’s long-term expansion and profitability.

Best Security Practices for Growing MSPs, Part I

It’s no secret that the managed services market is expanding at an astounding rate, and it’s doing so for good reason—in-house IT departments, especially at SMBs, simply can’t keep up with today’s rapidly-changing technology landscape. This growth surge can translate into substantial revenue opportunities for MSPs like you, but it can also quickly reveal vulnerabilities and areas of weakness in your company that may have been overlooked or deemed unimportant.

Buzzword Bingo: Choosing the Right ‘Cloud’ Cybersecurity Solution

These days, everyone is talking about the cloud. Every technology company has catchy advertising taglines about cloud architecture, and it’s not an unreasonable strategy. The benefits of cloud technology are nearly limitless. From reduced costs to increased customer satisfaction, cloud services can work miracles. Particularly with cybersecurity software–which is known for classic headaches with overhead, management, and resource usage–cloud technology can be a game changer.

Answering Security Concerns of Prospects is Key

A key requirement for any MSP that seeks to acquire and keep new clients is the ability to show prospects how its security solution will address their individual concerns and requirements.

Why Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateways Are Becoming So Darn Popular

The modern online landscape offers great advantages to modern organizations, but also brings significant risks. To ensure the success of a business, admins need to implement the right mix of security checks and balances on Internet use. Therein lies the challenge: How can MSPs help their clients achieve the necessary protection without impeding the everyday usage needs of their end users?

Considering Moving to Managed Services? Then This Is for You

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of resellers are considering a move to the managed service provider business model. The reasons to become an MSP are compelling: a predictable, recurring revenue stream; deeper engagement with clients; and a trusted adviser relationship that, in turn, generates more business opportunities. The standardization of MSP solutions across all clients also simplifies purchase, deployment and support.