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How the Cloud Shift Can Drive IT Procurement Strategy

Today, the role of IT procurement has changed, largely due to the introduction of SaaS and other cloud- based delivery models that have changed the way organizations select and deploy technology.

Three Takeaways from SaaStr 2017

Now in its third year, SaaStr has become the “must attend” event for anyone running or investing in a SaaS business.

How to Reach Millennials at Work

To be effective in your communication with your millennial employees, it’s ideal to incorporate a variety of technological and interpersonal strategies.

Docker to Donate Another Core Component to a Foundation

In an announcement Wednesday morning, Docker Inc. — the company behind one of the most rapidly adopted software infrastructure components in history — said it will let go of a critical software component.

Microsoft Debunks Top Cloud Myths of 2016

Julia White, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Azure and Security, took to the Microsoft Azure official blog in an effort to debunk several myths surrounding the use of cloud services.

Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation

The foundation behind the open source operating system that Microsoft once tried to crush has welcomed Redmond into the fold as a Platinum Member.

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