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Empowering VMware Partners Through Distribution with Value Velocity

Being able to generate sales and execute strong marketing campaigns can make it or break it for channel partners. Sounds obvious, but actually being successful in both of these arenas can be challenging. It is important that partners ensure they have a strong distributor, and even more important, that distributors have rock-solid vendors.

The Opportunity with Disaster Recovery

In today's world, having a disaster recovery solution in place can mean the difference between a business with a bright future and one that closes up shop. As recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy or the Fukushima earthquake have taught us, catastrophes can strike at a moment’s notice. Having a workable, well-thought-out disaster recovery plan is a crucial piece allowing a business to get back on its feet and quickly recover following a catastrophe or unplanned shutdown.

Something Big is on the Horizon

The move to the mobile cloud is changing how applications, desktops and data are managed and consumed. The Association of Commuter Transportation noted that 83 percent of Fortune 100 companies support remote access, while the average mobile worker carries 3.5 devices, according to the iPass Mobile Workforce Report, 2012. It has been predicted that end users soon will connect to their applications and data through “on-the-go” access points, such as their vehicles and portable wearables.

The Need for Digital Marketing in the B-to-B Buying Landscape

A few weeks back, I was fortunate to sit in on a presentation given by Maria Chien, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, who discussed the major shifts that are happening in the industry when it comes to B-to-B buying and selling. “Currently, 58 percent of all leads come from the web, and that number is expected to increase to 71 percent by 2015,” she noted in her presentation.

Revolutionizing Storage in Two Clicks

Cloud Storage is revolutionizing the way we access data from anywhere and at anytime. For those businesses trying to build a large and scalable cloud infrastructure, heavy upfront costs, scaling and deployment issues are routine offenders when it comes to standard storage with a large SAN environment. With this rapid change in how we store our data, it has become necessary to address security, cost, scaling and deployment issues right away.

Power On with vCloud

As enterprise customers increasingly look to leverage public cloud as part of their IT strategy, compatibility, extensibility and reliability are frames of reference used to identify suitable cloud service providers. VMware makes the search easier with its vCloud Powered partner technology badge for VMware service provider partners.

Desktop in the Cloud – It’s Here to Stay

It’s no wonder traditional desktop/laptop/PC sales are on the decline. With the proliferation of mobile devices and 24X7 connectivity readily available, more and more business is done on the go. As a result, the traditional corporate desktop environment is shifting to a new paradigm.

Forecast: Cloudy with 100% Chance of Partner Success

With VMware Partner Exchange 2014 in the rearview mirror, one thing has become very clear: VMware partners are now enabled more than ever before to achieve success in the rapidly growing world of cloud computing. From the ongoing growth and success of the VMware Service Provider Program to the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program (launched […]

The Evolution of Education in the Cloud Era

From movement into the mobile cloud era, to balancing public, private and hybrid cloud priorities, the cloud playing field is ever-changing. These shifts in cloud computing are tinged with a desperate need to educate and stay informed in this fast-paced environment.

The New vCloud Hybrid Service – Bolstering VMware’s Cloud Strategy

VMware has become an infrastructure that 500,000 customers increasingly rely upon for their private cloud environments. But what if it were possible to seamlessly extend that same private infrastructure to the public cloud?  With VMware’s recently launched vCloud Hybrid Service, it’s not a possibility—it’s reality.

Bringing the Software-Defined Data Center to Life at VMworld 2013

VMworld 2013 San Francisco has quickly come and gone but not without leaving some exciting product launches and program updates behind. The announcement of the VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 brought the software-defined data center to life, while fundamentally redefining the role of the hypervisor in the data center.

Defy Convention

Following convention does not guarantee success; in fact, success often comes from defying convention and challenging the status quo. This notion is what makes us so excited for VMworld 2013, which is taking place in San Francisco Aug. 25-29. At VMworld 2013 you will gain the tools you need to transform conventional remedies into seamless, agile solutions that dramatically simplify your operations and provide unmatched business advantages.

VMware Horizon Suite Meets Customer Any-Device Computing Demands

VMware partners can now capitalize on end-user computing trends with the newly released VMware Horizon Suite. The suite features Horizon Workspace, Horizon Mirage and Horizon View, and together they provide an integrated way for end users to securely access data from their chosen devices.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service: The Ready-To-Run Cloud

This just in: VMware has announced a new cloud offering—the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. It’s a highly reliable, stable and secure cloud service, operated and supported by VMware and built on our vSphere and vCloud platforms. It advances you to a complete hybrid cloud in hours, not weeks or months, because there is no infrastructure or software to buy, install, run or maintain.

VMWare VP Toni Adams kicks off a partner blog series

VMware Launches Monthly Partner ‘How To’ Series

VMware (NYSE:VMW) has launched a monthly blog to help channel partners build more effective businesses. VMware VP Toni Adams explains the blog series, which kicks off with social media tips.

The Power of Workforce Mobility Solutions

VMware recently introduced the VMware Horizon Suite that allows IT to support their end users with a consistent delivery service of data and applications across the many devices that they choose to use at work.  Horizon Suite combines multiple new and existing desktop virtualization technologies, including Horizon Workspace, which combines data, applications and desktops into a single aggregated workspace that can be securely delivered on any device.

VMware’s Cloud Credits Program Receives Applause from the Channel

A record-breaking 4,100 people attended VMware Partner Exchange 2013, Feb. 23-25 in Las Vegas. The buzz and excitement fromVMware partners was palpable as VMware executives highlighted the company’s three strategic initiatives: the software defined data center, hybrid cloud and end user computing. In particular, one key initiative created excitement across all of our partner communities: the VMware Cloud Credit Purchasing Program, which brings together all VMware partners for one mission—to deliver the hybrid cloud to end users.

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