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5 Ways the Road Less Traveled Can Make All the Difference in Your Journey to the Cloud

With the market demand for public cloud expected to reach $43.4 billion during this year alone, it’s an understatement to say that each of us would like a piece of the proverbial pie. All of technologies’ heavy hitters are very interested in this space, and they’ve each positioned their hybrid cloud as the most secure, flexible and cost-effective solution.

5 Ways Partners Can Score Big with New Software-Defined Data Center Solutions

In life, as in business, we all have our tipping points. You know, those moments where you say enough is enough. There has to be a better way. These words can be heard especially loudly in enterprise data centers around the globe. IT professionals are frustrated with legacy systems, siloed IT, SLA requirements and the sheer volume of their workloads.

Broadening Your Marketing Mix to More Effectively Reach Customers

Earlier this month I attended VMware Partner Exchange 2015, where I had an opportunity to meet with several partners. Partners consistently shared with me their desire to have a stronger digital marketing presence, and we discussed how VMware could support their digital marketing efforts by using the VMware Partner Demand Center.

Three Key Bets for Making Money in the Cloud

How you market yourselves is equally as important as what you offer. It’s about spotlighting your strengths, building your brand and leveraging your existing resources effectively.

Where Should You Double Down Your Marketing Efforts? 3 Best Bets

Gartner just released its “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015,” and it’s filled with the usual suspects (cloud/client computing, software-defined applications and the Internet of Things). It is also filled with some notable newcomers to the space—computing everywhere and risk-based security. With so many areas to focus on, how do you begin to narrow down the list? Where should you double down your marketing efforts and customer focus for 2015?

Daring to Thrive in a Cloud in a Mobile-Cloud Era

In a world that is rapidly being re-shaped by mobility, virtualization, big data and the cloud, having a roadmap to follow is essential. Many leaders recognize this need as they try to be brave, thoughtful, prepared and decisive in order to execute on new initiatives and defend against unpredictable risks in this ever-changing environment. Being successful not only requires a roadmap, but a shift in how companies approach IT and how organizations handle transformation.

What Will 2018 Bring?

5 Things to Look for in a Cloud Partner Program

According to Gartner, the use of cloud computing is growing. By 2016 this growth will increase to become the bulk of new IT spend, and by the end of 2017 nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments.

How to Drive Demand and Generate Leads Effectively and Cost-Efficiently

A few months back, I shared some interesting marketing research outcomes in a post titled, “The Need for Digital Marketing in the B-to-B Buying Landscape.” The study found that few marketers receive formal marketing training relevant to today’s dramatically changing industry. “Over 75 percent of polled clients claimed to have honed their marketing skills on the premise of trial and error.”

Trailblazing the Way to a Software-Defined World

The recent Forrester report, “Key I&O Technology Trends To Watch In 2014,” states, “To meet ever rising customer expectations, organizations must ensure that their technology infrastructure is clearly aligned to business strategy.” The same Forrester report highlights how the software-defined data center (SDDC) will affect enterprises and cloud service providers: “To accelerate business growth, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals must understand and ultimately master four key I&O-related trends,

The Future Belongs to the Fast, the Flexible and the Brave

In a world that is rapidly being reshaped by technology, the most successful business and IT leaders are acting bravely and decisively to create change rather than wait for change to happen. According to Gartner, “By 2015, at least 20 percent of all cloud services will be consumed via internal or external cloud service brokerages, rather than directly, up from less than 5 percent today.” The need for change may be a lot closer than we think, and the importance of using the correct road map is vital.

VMware Expands Service Provider Opportunities with the vCloud Air Network

In case you missed the news, VMware recently announced the VMware vCloud Air Network, consisting of VMware’s vCloud Air offering and an ecosystem of more than 3,800 service provider partners in over 100 countries. The opportunity for service providers to grow their business in the VMware vCloud Air Network is two-fold: VMware is promoting the service provider partner ecosystem like never before, and our partners will receive tremendous visibility as VMware positions the vCloud Air Network in the market.

Increasing Cloudiness Means Growth and Opportunities

In a traditional software world, the channel role was both to sell and to provide services to customers. In the world of cloud computing, the primary opportunity is shifting to the services partners can offer their customers.

The New Security Sale: Network Virtualization for Micro-Segmentation

These days, there is a good chance security is top of mind for your customers. From the Target breach to the Snowden/NSA revelations to, most recently, the Heartbleed bug, vulnerability issues and other threats have elevated IT security to the highest levels of public and private sector organizations.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

No Limits—New Possibilities for VMworld 2014

This year, we are capturing the spirit of possibility with No Limits—New Possibilities by helping partners break down walls, demolish barriers and reveal the virtually limitless opportunities ahead at VMworld 2014.

Desktop as a Service: The Big ‘So What?’

Traditional desktop hardware sales are declining because the number of users who are working remotely is increasing. Because physical units are being replaced by virtual machines, Desktop as a service (DaaS) can be an excellent fit for organizations that need new end-user computing solutions but are conscious of cost, deployment and support challenges.

Rolling Out Partner Innovation

Increasing marketing effectiveness and ultimately driving revenue is top of mind for many partners today. With the shift in the B-to-B, buyer-seller relationship, more prospect interaction is occurring online. This, in turn is shortening the actual time for sales engagement.

Hybrid Cloud as the New ITaaS Lever for Your Customers

Your customers are on the cusp of one of the most exciting shifts in business IT in the last decade. It is the transformation of IT into IT as a service (ITaaS), and has already proven to be of the most powerful options to ensure long-term business success.

Next-Generation Virtualization

Globally, millions of businesses have enjoyed the benefits gained from server virtualization. Are you helping your customers maximize those benefits?

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