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10 Things You Need to Be Doing on LinkedIn Today

The evolution of digital in the last few years has drastically changed the way that we as professionals communicate, educate, and buy and sell products. More than ever, companies have the ability to reach out to more customers through social media and better articulate their value proposition and product strategies. But how?

Navigating the Hybrid Highway

For those many commuters in the Bay Area, it’s a well-known fact that Highway 101 is the last place you want to be stuck during rush hour traffic mid-week. And, yet, this is exactly where I was (at a dead stop) along the road to Silicon Valley when I turned on the navigation app Waze. I did this to find a few alternatives that got me (and some fellow Wazers) where I needed to go a lot faster.

The Top Two Desktop Disaster Recovery Strategies Your Customers (and Your Bottom Line) Will Love

Regardless of whether your customers have had a week to plan for a tropical storm turned hurricane or mere minutes to prepare for the aftermath of a cyber security attack, you can almost feel their hearts racing as they check and double-check their disaster recovery (DR) protocols and checklists. They begin to sweat, thinking about the thousands of users possibly affected, as well as the significant loss in potential revenue.

360° Approach to Building (and Diversifying) Your Cloud Portfolio

You’ve heard time and time again the reasons behind diversifying your investment portfolio–from risk and hedging, entrance and exit costs, liquidity time horizons, and the importance of analyzing market trends to stay a step ahead. But have you considered applying these same principles when building (and diversifying) your cloud portfolio?

5 Reasons Service Providers, ISVs and VARs Must Consider Offering Managed Cloud Services

With 88% of organizations using a public cloud, it’s safe to say that the market is embracing the benefits of the cloud–and we’re not just talking about enterprises. By the year 2020, 78% of small businesses plan to fully adopt cloud computing. And, the majority of these SMBs have already begun developing cloud strategies and deploying apps in the cloud. The question for service providers, ISVs and VARs now becomes: So, your customers are ready for the cloud–but can you deliver?

4 New Ways Partners Can Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Generate Leads

Across the channel, we all know that partner marketing is the lifeblood for generating leads. For those of us in marketing roles, we dedicate every day to upselling and cross-selling. We invest in our website because we know our SEO results depend upon it. We launch email campaign after email campaign, faithfully post across social, and incessantly blog. Yet, it never seems like we’re doing enough. And, sadly, we aren’t the only ones who feel that way.

How Service Providers Can Use Disaster Recovery As A Catalyst To The Cloud

In 1825, the world’s first steam locomotive opened its doors to passengers. Though this was an exciting time for the railroad industry, most of the general public was petrified of the trains, believing that their bodies would melt as a result of the trains’ lightning-fast speed. The train was only reaching 30 miles per hour back then, but the newness and unknown of this technological advancement made many skeptical and hesitant to try it.

4 Ways Mobility Can Improve the Productivity of Your Company

When mobile apps were first introduced back in 2008, millions of us were fascinated with the PhoneSaber App. For those of you who don’t recall this one, it would make a “vwooom” sound, just like a light saber, anytime you waved your iPhone in the air. While that was fun while it lasted, today’s apps and mobile technology have evolved into something so much more. We don’t look at our smartphones and tablets as merely devices, but a pathway to an always-on public network.

Uncover 5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Partner Marketing

From Sherlock Holmes’ age-old tales of intrigue to today’s fascination with television dramas like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” we are drawn to solving mysteries–to following the clues to determine “who done it.” We’ve also seen this love affair of detective work spill over into the tech space. When customers are choosing a vendor, they are following online bread crumbs to see if you are the right partner for them.

10 Things to Know about Data Security and Sovereignty in the Cloud

What do Edward Snowden, the U.S. PRISM scandal and the corporate data hack on Sony Corp. have in common? All involved breaches in data security and sovereignty. While the cloud offers many benefits–such as cost savings, scalability and flexibility–there are also added risks. Data security always tops that list of risks.

The Science (and Economics) Behind a Carefully Crafted Software Defined Storage Strategy for Cloud Service Providers

Do you remember your high school years–of calculating the boiling point of isopropyl alcohol in chemistry or studying the impact of supply and demand on the costs of goods in economics class? Many of us wondered, “When will we ever use these principles in real life?” For those of us hoping to enter into the booming Software Defined Storage space, the answer is now.

Information Technology’s Monumental Shift to IT as a Service

The shift from self-managed IT to IT as a service is one of the biggest the industry has seen to date. Service providers looking to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity must be focused on rapid time to market and deliver exceptional managed services to their customers.

How to Build a Killer Cloud Brand

With public IT cloud services spending expected to reach $108 billion in just two short years, it’s no surprise that partners are jumping on the cloud bandwagon–and rightfully so. Cloud services are proving to be quite the sticky service–the kind that drives customer loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more. Consider the significance of the following statistic: 67% of customers expect to purchase a variety of cloud services from a single partner. We’re guessing you want that partner to be you.

Accelerate Cloud-Based Revenue: A VMware Interview

Manish Bhuptani, VMware’s Director of Service Provider Product Marketing, and Tracey Murphy, VMware’s Senior Partner Marketing Manager of Global Cloud Services, discuss ways in which service providers can boost cloud-based revenue.

Expert Marketers Drive More Revenue

We know how important marketing and social selling are to promote your business, though sometimes it’s hard to find the right resources to help you get started.

5 Hybrid Cloud Questions that Break The Ice for Solution Providers

Whether you’re test driving a new car, sampling a fine wine or simply checking out the newest tablet, there’s something comforting in trying out a product before you buy it. You can feel the quality of the leather, smell the subtle peppery notes of a full-bodied cabernet or become fascinated with the speed of the new OS. Retailers aren’t just offering these “tastes” to be nice; they are wisely tapping into the psyche of today’s savvy consumers.

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