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Macs in Small Business: Six Steps to Proper Security

Sponsored Guest Blog: Many small businesses are moving toward the Mac platform, and it’s about more than simply having cool, sleek computers sitting on desks. Macs are solid, reliable products, especially for small-business owners who are inherently busy and don’t have a lot of time or resources committed to IT support.

Antivirus Software: To Update or Not to Update?

Let me start out by saying those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and all security vendors live in glass houses. We are all one bad update away from crippling our customers. Every major antivirus vendor has at one time put out one of these bad updates which did more harm than good.

Botnets: A Threat (And Opportunity) for Managed Services Providers?

Call it the silent small business killer. Many small businesses have so called botnets or zombie software lurking in the background on their notebooks, PCs and servers. Here’s how botnets work, and here’s how managed services providers can stamp out the problem.

The Monetization of Cloud Computing

Services are where the money’s at right? One hundred percent margin! What about when you sell a hosted solution, can you still wrap the same services around it? Maybe not, but maybe you can sell more profitable services.  The way I see it there are 3 basic service groups that most solutions providers and MSPs offer. Here are the implications for partners.

They are:

1. Installation Services

2. Maintenance

Small Business Security: Time to Grow Up

Do you remember your first bike? It gave you a decent start but you outgrew it fast. The same can be said for consumer-focused security products that are used in small businesses. Here’s why.

Why IT Protection Is Shifting to Servers and the Cloud

When I was a kid I played cops and robbers (or some form of good guy vs. bad guy) with my little brother. Funny thing is now I do the same for a living; well, kind of. I work for a security company and try to offer our partners the products they need to keep […]