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The 3 Most Dangerous Misconceptions About the Cloud

There are many good reasons to look to the cloud when adopting new technologies—so many, in fact, that we sometimes forget there are some dangerous practices to avoid when choosing a cloud-based provider. Here are three common misunderstandings about the cloud that could use some straightening out.

Has the Channel Been Cloudwashed?

Considering the fact that every technology vendor these days has something it terms of a cloud offering, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the “true cloud” in many of them. The term “cloudwashing” comes to mind when trying to determine which cloud methodologies are real and which are simply rebranded attempts to put traditional software into a data center.

The Business Phone is Dead

It might seem like career suicide for an employee of a company named Thinking Phone Networks to declare that “the phone is dead,” but it’s true—the desktop business phone, at least as we have always known it, is indeed dead. It has officially fulfilled its purpose, and there is simply no use for it anymore. Hardware manufacturers that focus on proprietary devices as a primary part of their business models need to be put on notice.