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MSPs Can Help Customers Become First-Class SMBs

Some SMB owners might look at a competitor and wonder how to emulate their success. And as it turns out, one of the areas in which we see a difference today is in the way successful businesses approach computing.

Symantec and MSPs: Partners in Protection

Cloud services can give us access to our applications and information from anywhere. They’re fast to deploy, and very cost-effective. This is a great boon to managed service providers, as more small businesses come to realize the value of bringing in outside expertise. But there are still some that are like the stubborn old man, hesitant to embrace new technology. And one of the areas in which this reluctance is most apparent is security.

The Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR): A Tactical Advantage for Partners

In any military engagement, intelligence can prove to be the difference between success and defeat. Perhaps the most striking example of this is the famous Battle of Thermopylae, in which a small force of Greeks led by King Leonidas of Sparta held off a vastly larger Persian army for several days in a narrow pass. The battle was lost when a local revealed the existence of a path leading around the Greek army, allowing them to be outflanked and destroyed.
While today’s battle against cybercrime may be less dramatic, our businesses and livelihood are still at stake.

Backup Appliances: The Cutting Edge of IT

In the late nineteenth century, the Swiss Army decided to provide new knives for its soldiers. The aim was a multifunctional tool that reduced the tools a soldier would need to carry. This was realized in 1891, with the first Swiss Army knife, which – in addition to a blade – contained tools to help the soldiers open canned food and disassemble their rifles. Fewer tools to carry meant improved mobility for soldiers, and updated versions of these knives are still issued to soldiers today.

Jump into Profitability with Symantec

Last October, Felix Baumgartner completed the highest skydive ever, jumping from a specially designed capsule, wearing a space suit, at a height of more than 127,000 feet.

MSPs and Symantec: Partners in Success

Our digital life today is blurring the line between work and personal time. This can make us more productive, improving our connectivity wherever we go.

Making Mobility Work: Symantec and the Partner Community

Ask any business what technology is causing the greatest change in their operations today, and there’s a good chance they will say mobile technology. Perhaps more than any other technology, mobility is transforming our personal lives, and it’s now carrying over into the business.

Buckle up for Wider, Safer Adoption of Cloud Apps

For years now we’ve seen discussions going back and forth in the media about using cell phones while driving. While drivers are encouraged to avoid talking on the phone while driving – and 39 states ban texting while driving – technology manufacturers have responded by creating hands-free options and other tools intended to minimize the dangers of phone usage on the road. While the usefulness of these products is still debated, they are a clear demonstration of businesses trying to improve our safety rather than change human nature.

Symantec Partner Management Console: One View to Manage All

Channel partners know that one of the most time-consuming parts of their business is spent on managing multiple deployments for their different customers. The arrival of cloud-based services has begun to change this, but it can still be a challenge to coordinate and manage implementations, especially as many of our partners continue to expand their […]


Symantec’s New Direction: Fresh Opportunities for Partners

Here at Symantec, the recent arrival of Steve Bennett as our new CEO has provided an opportunity to reinvigorate our company strategy and demonstrate our dedication to partners and shareholders. With Steve Bennett at the helm, we are reexamining ourselves from the inside out, looking at how we can augment our channel programs to better help our partners achieve success.

SaaS, Cloud Integration Services & Channel Partners: It’s time

SaaS, Cloud Integration Services & Channel Partners: It’s time

By now channel partners are well aware that a lot of organizations are looking to take advantage of the cloud to streamline business operations and improve their agility. This provides an excellent opportunity for partners to expand their breadth of technology offerings, but also leaves some scratching their head, wondering one thing — where do you begin?

Symantec Backup What’s In It For Partners

Symantec Backup What’s In It For Partners

VARs can have mixed feelings about cloud computing. On the one hand it offers many opportunities for new business, but on the other there’s the question of which offerings will work with a customer’s current solutions. For Symantec partners, Backup is a perfect example of how to effectively offer a cloud-based backup solution when customers already have an on-premise backup solution.

New Beginnings and New Opportunities in 2012

As we celebrate the successes of the past year, it’s also a great time to start looking toward 2012. In the new year, consider ways to stay ahead of your customers, and help them develop a strong bus

Help Your Customers Navigate the Path to the Cloud

Recently at our annual partner conference, we talked about the opportunities for partners around key IT trends including cloud, virtualization and mobility. Cloud computing in particular seems to be a hot t

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