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Samsung Waves White Flag in Patent Wars

In a move some may call an admission of defeat and others a bold move to encourage compromise and cooperation, Samsung is backing away from the patent wars, promising not to file any infringement suits for mobile essential patents for five years against any company that agrees to its licensing framework.

Samsung Hosts First Developer Conference, Looks to Fill App Coffers

Samsung just finished hosting its first ever developer’s conference in hopes of convincing attendees to build apps specifically for its hardware ecosystem. The company is interested in the development of apps that work across its phone, tablet and television platforms. But is the conference enough to spark a fire under developers and build out its app portfolio?

In the Shadow of iPad News, Nokia and Microsoft Release Windows 8 Tablets

On Tuesday most eyes were on Apple (APPL) and their long awaited product announcement, which unveiled two new iPads. That same day the Surface 2 went on sale, and Nokia (NOK) announced the Lumia 2520, their Windows 8 tablet, Like the Surface, the 2520 runs Windows RT, a stripped down version of Windows 8.1.  The one advantage it has over the new Surface is its LTE capabilities which will be available exclusively on the AT&T network, but it has an even bigger disadvantage-its price.

Will Apple’s Newest iPads Revitalize the Company?

After months of speculation, Apple (AAPL) finally debuted the much-anticipated iPad Mini with a Retina display Oct. 22, boasting not only the stunning new display but also a faster processor and better wireless performance. Also announced was the iPad Air, a thinner, faster version of the full-size iPad. Apple hopes the new models will help boost its sagging tablet market share, which sank 32 percent in the second quarter. But is it enough, or has Apple lost its edge?

Apple Cutting iPhone 5c Production

Apple has announced it will cut back production of the iPhone 5C mere month after its release. The decision appears to have been made due to disappointing sales. Some say the model, which is encased in plastic and offered in five bright colors, was intended to appeal to a younger market and be a low-cost alternative to the high-end 5S, but interest appears lukewarm at best. Some say that at $549, it’s just too expensive for a plastic phone, but no one knows for sure exactly why sales have been dismal.

BlackBerry: Taking the Same Road Palm Traveled?

BlackBerry (BBRY) has published an open letter in 30 publications worldwide to reassure customers the company is just fine, even after suffering a $1 billion quarterly loss. The company says it’s not going anywhere and things are not bad as they seem.