Steph Martin 1

Company: Exigo Group

Job Title: CEO

Steph Martin 1

Being a native of Long Island NY has ‘seasoned’ Steph in both life experience and business acumen. With early career advancement in the Support Operations industry and call center design, development and management including, Flashcom and Arbonne International she garnered a deep focus on the importance of system and personnel excellence.

In 2004, Steph transitioned over to the Sales and Marketing world beginning with IT Channel consulting leading into positions with 2 successful start-up ventures and subsequent acquisitions; Everdream Corporation to Dell in 2007 and Mobile Armor to Trend Micro in 2010. With a wide variety of experience in key corporate business units combined with Sales, Marketing and Technology expertise, Steph is well versed in understanding her client’s needs and able to craft solutions that not only benefit the bottom line but ensure Users actually “like” using what she implements.

Having worked over 20 years across various business landscapes, she has become an expert in these specific areas: Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Marketing, Sales, Business Solution Strategist, IT / System Integration and Negotiation skills.
Currently, she’s focused on Exigo Group where the application of her IT expertise and salty demeanor allow her to introduce automated business processes to clients. These cloud-based solutions build efficiency into the way SMBs and MEs conduct business, saving time, money and ultimately driving ROI.

A native New Yorker and tired of icy windshields, Steph is now based in Orange County CA with her husband Brett and the remaining children yet to leave the nest. A longtime advocate in the Animal Welfare community, specifically Boxer Breed Rescue and proud “Foster Failure” she can often be found early mornings working from her local dog park with 4 Boxers in tow.

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