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10 Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider

10 Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider

The security of your website is something you cannot afford to ignore if your online reputation and the safety of your customers and visitors matters to you.

VARs: It’s Time to Make BYOD Part of Your Strategy

VARs: It’s Time to Make BYOD Part of Your Strategy

IT departments at midsize organizations are struggling with securing the myriad devices that are showing up on their networks. These organizations have trouble creating practical and effective mobile a

Thinking of Firing Your Vendor? Six Questions to Ask

The old wisdom tells us having more product options from a variety of vendors for your customers is good business. It means no matter what your customers are asking for, you have it. But this wisdom is

Finding Customer Opportunities in New Products

There are a few ways to grow your business — among them, adding new customers and selling new products to your existing customer base. Finding and gaining new customers is great, but once you have do

Benefits and Challenges of Consolidating Vendors

We all know it is more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current customer. This is why most organizations have customer care and support services.

With all the focus on ret

How the VAR-Vendor Relationship is Like a Marriage

In many ways the evolution of a vendor-VAR relationship mirrors the evolution of a long-term personal relationship. And like any committed relationship, each phase has its own characteris

Making the Most of a Partner Conference

The partner conference season is here; the time of year when vendors ask their VARs to come to multiday conferences to learn about new products, company vision and strategy. VARs that

The Wisdom of ‘Free’ for VARs

We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. When someone offers you something for free, you might question the person’s motives and/or decline the offer because you’re convinced the

How VARs Can Make a Bundle with Bundled Solutions

IT infrastructures are becoming more complex, making managing multiple facets of the business network more challenging. VARs have an opportunity to help SMBs meet this challenge by offering bu

Five Business Trends That Will Continue in 2012

As a VAR or IT service provider, you’re often forced to react to technology trends that seemingly come out of nowhere. But if you slow down just a little and really think about the IT channel, you’ll find some pred

When Change Comes, What Should VARs Do?

The only constant in life is change. We all deal with change differently, but when change comes in business your strategy and methods for adapting to change can easily hurt or improve your ability continue

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