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Does Your Entire Company Speak Demand Gen?

For many businesses, generating demand doesn’t come easy. Others reap endless opportunity simply through word-of-mouth. Finding the right types of business opportunities can be challenging no matter how many leads and prospects come your way.

Infiltrate the Cloud Through Partnership

Industry excitement continues to swirl around the Cloud opportunity. And why not, given the indicators from analysts like Forrester, who says this market will grow to $241 billion by 2020, and SaaS delivery will grow nearly five times faster than the software market on the whole. So the question is: where and how can you […]

Crossing the Goal Line with Millennials

Whether you know them as Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers or sons and daughters, anyone born in the early 1980s and until around 2001 represents a generation that cannot be ignored, particularly from a business standpoint. Of course, they may be prone to ignoring you—especially if you’re not one of them, as they are typically fixated on a mobile device just about everywhere they go.

A Complete Portfolio is Critical in a Perfect Storm of Innovation

You and your fellow solution providers have one objective in common: delivering value to customers. How you do this in the months and years ahead however, will likely change profoundly—if it hasn’t already. A perfect storm of technology-driven innovation is reshaping the way the world runs. The emergence of cloud, mobile and Big Data, among […]

Make Selling Simple: Innovation is the Key

Make Selling Simple: Innovation is the Key

The perfect storm of cloud, mobile and Big Data creates opportunity for solution providers who choose to expand. Look to innovate and integrate—and you’ll win.

Marketing 101: Steps for Success in 2013

Marketing 101: Steps for Success in 2013

By now you have your 2013 marketing plan in place and are actively tracking results, right?

Okay, so maybe you’re among the many who think sales first and ma

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