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Networked Economy: Connecting More Than Devices

At a recent event that included quite a few attendees from well-known high tech companies and owners of emerging businesses, I asked a simple question to a group I was chatting with: “So, what do you think about the opportunities around the networked economy, as far as your own businesses go?” I got some interested looks, but no clear answers.

It’s Time to Embrace the Internet of Things

For a few years now the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, has been a much-talked-about phenomenon, especially in the consumer world: “You mean my refrigerator can let me know when it’s out of milk? Cool!” The promise of connectivity to a multitude of household devices is predicted to make our lives easier–what could be better?

Digital Marketing: The Future is Now

Just days after writing my last blog about social media, I listened to an IDC analyst discuss the future of digital marketing. It got me thinking about content marketing and the buyer’s journey—and how all these all tie together for IT VARs and service providers. Sure, making social part of your daily marketing, communication and selling ritual is important. But making sure your social approach speaks to the buyer’s journey is vital.

Increase Your Social Media Presence and Win More Business

I’ve worked in the channel a long time (20-plus years) and, specifically, in channel marketing. The changes that I’ve seen in the last few years with social media are bar-none the most impactful changes I’ve seen on the industry when it comes to marketing. This goes for vendors and solution providers alike.

Future Technology Trends to Start Planning Around Now

With every passing year I continue to be amazed at the rapid pace of technology innovation, and 2015 will be no exception. In fact, it seems the speed of innovation is getting even faster, as technology and business are converging at unprecedented levels. I’m not the only one who has noticed it—my SAP colleague Kevin Gilroy recently noted at our recent SME Summit that we’re at “a fabulous inflection point” with innovation that happens once every 25 or 30 years.

A Cloud Solution to the Big Data Challenge

Not long ago I read an article citing a large U.K.-based retailer that wanted to run a project in the cloud but felt it was too expensive compared to doing it on-premise.

Find an App-y Place for Your Customers

None of your customers are exactly alike, so chances are the applications they need to run their businesses won’t be exactly the same, either. Unfortunately, many solution providers still try to shoehorn an application into an environment because it’s homogenized enough to work there, even if it isn’t the perfect fit.

When it Comes to Selling Cloud, Marketing Moves to the Forefront

Think about the last time you bought a car. Did you visit a half-dozen dealerships, talking to sales people for hours to learn about all the different models, features and options before deciding on the car and having heated conversations about price? Probably not. At least not anymore.

Now Is the Time to Make History

On the heels of SAPPHIRE NOW, our biggest customer and partner event of the year, there’s a lot of exciting change happening at SAP. We have a new Global Partner Operations organization and even more focus on cloud as we provide partners and customers with additional simplicity and choice in SAP technology. There’s a reason for it all. We believe that, with the help of our partners, we are about to make history. Again.

The Evolution of Analytics — Then and Now

Have you ever looked back at an old magazine or an old video and laughed at how much things have changed? This notion is especially true in technology, which evolves more rapidly than almost every other industry. Catch a few minutes of your favorite TV sitcom or drama from just a few years ago and you’ll see what I mean.

The Power of Small: Target Customers for What They Will Be

Everyone loves The Big Deal.

Securing a large contract with an enterprise customer can mean the difference between a good year and a great year for a solution provider. But chasing that “big” reward also involves risk.

Mobility – The New Front End to Business Applications for Customers of all Sizes

On the heels of Mobile World Congress in February, many of you may have mobile on the mind.  We know that larger businesses are leveraging mobile applications to increase customer, partner and vendor engagement and streamline internal operations. Recent research from the SMB Group indicates 67 percent of SMEs now view mobile solutions and services as “critical” to their businesses.

Best of Both Worlds: In-Memory Database Meets the Cloud

Does this sound familiar? You’ve talked to a customer, listened to its business problems, identified the technology it needs to solve its issues and designed and presented the solution. Then wham, you hit a brick wall due to budget and price.

Thankfully, with cloud-based solutions, these lost deals could be a thing of the past. Deployment via the cloud eliminates a lot of the infrastructure and the associated need for an up-front investment, both of which can hit small and midsize companies right in the wallet.

More Value, More Power

Why 2014 Will Be the Year of the Cloud (Again)

Here’s a little experiment: Start typing “year of the cloud” into Google and see what happens with the autofill feature. For me, the first result is “Year of the Cloud,” a 1970 sci-fi novel. Honestly, I’ve never heard of it. But the next two results are quite fascinating: “2012 year of the cloud” and “2013 year of the cloud.”

Small Business, Meet Big Data. Big Data, Meet Small Business

Big Data has become a hot topic inside many IT circles these days, but for many small businesses—and the VARs that support them—the subject seems either too complex or too … well, big. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Make On-the-Go Analytics Your New Mobility Mojo

Few tech industry developments create as much channel opportunity today as innovations on the mobility front. Most end customers are only just beginning to realize how far they can take this rapidly emerging path to higher productivity, greater insight and deeper value. They need competent solution providers, a platform that supports their growth and proven applications to show them the way.

Emerging Tech

Distribution Opens Channel Doors 
in a Fast-Changing Digital World

The digital revolution has a new face: technology distributors. Even if you’re a VAR already familiar with these logistics leaders, you may not fully realize what’s different about them these days. Answer: They are rapidly moving up the technology spectrum into new areas such as business analytics, mobile solutions and “Big Data”-fueled database business.

Partner Account Management: A Key to Driving Growth and Innovation

The productivity of a reselling organization depends on its people; quality of its processes and systems; and the products, solutions and services they offer to the market. A keystone to achieving productivity and profitability can be a strong vendor partnership. Resellers who build and maintain relationships with their vendors have a better chance of achieving revenue goals and increasing delivery capacity, as well as building a plan for growth and continued innovation.

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