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Leave Your Three-Ring Binder Behind; Move to a Digital Enablement Platform

In a previous lifetime, getting trained meant you were handed a three-ring binder crammed with a dizzying amount of material. Sounds very ’90s, right? But, just recently, a friend of mine showed me the three-ring binder that was handed to him as part of a change management training.

Are You Riding the Digital Wave? Or, Fighting the Undertow?

The digital economy is evolving–I know it, you know it. How solution providers ramp up to help their customers embrace digital transformation could be the difference between extinction and a thriving, vibrant business. There’s a tidal wave of competitive change happening. Will your ride it? Or will you get sucked under?

Does Your Vendor’s MDF Program Perform Like a Vitamix or a Single-Speed Blender?

The Vitamix is the Rolls-Royce of kitchen appliances–a multispeed blender on steroids. It has massive horsepower that can crush grains and blades that spin so fast it can make soup from the heat it generates. Your basic, single-speed blender can’t even come close–ice doesn’t always crush, and your kale/chia/mango smoothie is, well, not always so smooth. There is a parallel when it comes to Market Development Fund (MDF) programs that allow partners to accrue funds from vendors to execute marketing and drive business.

Why Some Partner Programs Don’t Cut It Anymore

It’s a fact that not all channel programs are created equal. And, often, partners of all stripes find themselves pigeon-holed into program models that don’t reflect how they do business.

Remembering the Past & Preparing for the (Digital) Future

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana is credited for saying, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I like this saying in regard to history, and I think it holds true in many walks of life. However, in terms of its application to the realm of technology, sometimes remembering the past means concentrating on more of the same.

Five Areas Critical to Success in the Digital Economy

When it comes to the digital economy, it seems like every day brings a new wave of solutions, forecasts and news about our future. But who’s waiting 10 years? No one. The “digital economy” is the economy of today, and it’s alive and kicking. However, it does come with some massive challenges.

Omni-Channel Marketing: The New Imperative

If you are even half-connected in today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking world, multiple devices are a way of life to get through the daily demands of work and home. Whether it is communicating, purchasing items online or simply consuming information, we are constantly moving among our laptops, phones and tablets–it is increasingly who we are and what we know.

Everything ‘As-a-Service’–Even Marketing?

Recently I read a blog by a colleague about marketing-as-a-service (MaaS), which, if you’re not already familiar, is essentially the extension of marketing automation software that can help with activities like data mining, campaign design, landing page creation, content syndication, lead nurturing and analytics. My initial reaction is that this might be a stretch for the VAR/integrator community, but it might also be just the thing your marketing efforts have been missing.

The Value of the Ecosystem: The Value You Bring

A vibrant partner ecosystem clearly serves the vendor that nurtures it and the mutual customers that rely on it. But what is the advantage for the partner that is joining a large, thriving ecosystem? Are you a cog on a wheel? Or are you able to extract true business value quickly, too?

Secrets to Successful Social Selling

If you’re like many solution providers, you’ve invested some time and money over the last couple of years to increase your social media presence. You’re Tweeting, you’re liking, favorite-ing, commenting and posting. But are you “selling” through social?

Five Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand

Volumes have been written about developing your corporate brand—and rightly so. Having a positive, clearly articulated, polished reputation in the market helps attract new customers. But developing your own personal brand may be just as important, and can help win those new customers.


Culture Shock: Why It’s Important to Keep Employees Engaged

Can a bad vibe in the office, deflated employees or lack of leadership bring a good business strategy to its knees? Is a great corporate culture filled with productive, passionate, happy employees enough to overcome a poor strategy? Either way, it seems as though too many leaders may underestimate the importance of culture.

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