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Load Balancers? Bah, Humbug!

With an application delivery controller, it’s more fun — and beneficial — to give than to receive.

How Buying a Car and Your Business’s ADC Needs are Similar

There is a common misconception when it comes to load balancers and application delivery controllers. “Oh, it’s a load balancer! You need to talk to John in the network team.” It may not always be “John in the network team,” but we sometimes get that kind of response when we talk to prospective customers. So, what’s the difference, and what does your business you really need?

3 Ways to Use Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager

In the first article in this series, I used the example of a call center to show how an ADC (application delivery controller) or traffic manager helps to control the traffic flow in and out of applications. In this second installment, we will look at how a powerful ADC such as Riverbed SteelApp gives you much greater availability, performance and control of your application services.

Back to Basics: What is a Traffic Manager, Anyway?

I was asked recently what ADCs and traffic managers actually do, and how they differ from ordinary load balancers. I was reminded of how I first learned about the differences, and, in a series of articles beginning with this one, I will cover some of the key features that can make real a difference to your applications.