Rick Costanzo

Company: RANK Software

Job Title: CEO

Rick Costanzo

Rick Costanzo is CEO of RANK Software, a provider of cybersecurity solutions that uses machine learning to find the anomalies among the billion-plus security events some companies receive each day. In addition to RANK, Rick has held a series of senior leadership roles that put him at the forefront of major technological change at some of the world’s biggest companies. As executive vice president of global sales and regional marketing at BlackBerry, Rick introduced the smartphone maker to Europe. Within three years, he grew the business in the European market from virtually nothing to $1 billion in sales. BlackBerry then had him do it again for the Latin American market, with similar, high-growth success.

As an executive vice president and general manager at global software giant SAP, Rick was tasked with turning around a newly acquired enterprise-mobility software business. Rick steered SAP toward implementing cost-efficient cloud-based solutions, taking the desktop-focused SAP to a new way of nimble thinking, where people access office systems from their smartphones.

Through Rick’s vision heading Kodak Alaris Information Management, a global imaging company, he quickly refocused the company from declining core markets toward ambitious, new growth opportunities. Rick helped the company leverage important yet underutilized intellectual property into high-growth business in the emerging field of image recognition.

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