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Resellers Can Add Value for SMBs Navigating IoT Security Threats

For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), managing security risks has always been a challenge. But as SMBs ramp up their use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the risks are rising. Value added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) have the opportunity to provide the security SMBs need.

The Benefits of Using an Application-based Network

Advancements in technology have created an increasing dependency and demand for a higher standard of IT services, particularly as it relates to networking. A transition like this can lead to many integration complexities that businesses must be aware of.

How to Create a Winning Company Culture with Core Values

How to Create a Winning Company Culture with Core Values

Early on in any startup organization, the leadership is often focused on the tactical elements: customer acquisition, building vendor relationships, setting up monitoring tools, establishing metrics and accounting.

Demonstrating That You Fulfill the SLA

When it comes to delivering the service level that is outlined in service level agreements (SLA) and meeting performance expectations, service providers do a great job. However, some providers often run into the challenge of keeping proper documentation reflecting that fact.

MSPs: Choosing the Right Endpoint for Your Customers

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides a great deal of flexibility for managed service providers (MSPs), up to and including the endpoints you select for your customers’ end users. There are a number of different options when it comes to VDI endpoints, and choosing the right option can greatly impact your level of success with VDI.

U.S. Visa Revamp Poised to Benefit Big U.S. Tech, Punish Outsourcers

The new way foreign worker visas are doled out in the U.S. is poised to benefit some of the biggest technology companies, like Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Facebook Inc., while punishing outsourcing firms that developed a disproportionate dependence on the program.

Largest Data Center Providers Quiet on Clean Energy Plans after Trump’s Climate Order

While several hyper-scale cloud giants have indicated they will stick to their renewable energy goals following last week’s executive order by President Donald Trump to start rolling back much of the Obama-era climate regulation, the biggest American data center providers, who also have made commitments to powering their facilities with renewable energy, have so far remained silent.

Dell’s EMC Deal Hits Hard Reality of Rising Costs, Cloud Shift

About six months after completing one of the biggest mergers ever in the technology industry, Dell Technologies Inc. is grappling with changing tastes in hardware and rising component costs, underlining the challenges of the EMC Corp. acquisition.

Extreme to Buy Brocade’s Data Center Network Business

Extreme Networks, a San Jose, California-based network technology vendor, has agreed to acquire Brocade’s data center networking business for $55 million after acquisition of the latter company by Broadcom closes.

Let’s Talk about Women in the Data Center

Some in the data center industry have for several years been sounding alarm bells about a quickly aging workforce. Relatively few young people pursue careers in data centers, while demand for data center capacity is growing quickly, a combination that can soon bring the industry to a full-blown crisis.

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