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Winners and Losers In Managed Services 2.0

There is a new wave of technology that is washing over the SMB IT world. A fundamental shift is taking place from device-based to network-based architectures, facilitated by widely adopted new standards.  The MSPs that embrace and manage these more complex IT environments will emerge the winners as managed services moves solidly into this next stage – MSP 2.0.

MSPs: Move Beyond the Green IT Hype And Pursue Practical Results

If there is a Gartner Hype Cycle for “Green IT” we are probably near the top.  That is typically where the conversation turns from undeserved over optimism to widespread skepticism, before ultimately emerging as a practical everyday reality.  Now is the time to begin to move beyond the hype to focus on practical results.  And […]

Race to the Bottom, Or Race to the Top?

Joe’s recent blog entry — asking whether MSPs were killing their own margins — touches on one of the most widely held misperceptions in the business. The growth of the managed services model has always been accompanied by the specter of commoditization and the related “race to the bottom” discussion. But on the contrary. the […]

Making Money with Managed Services

It wasn’t long ago that adopting managed services was a considered to be a pretty scary proposition. You had to build a NOC (whatever a NOC is – but we will leave that to another discussion), spend $50,000 (U.S. dollars) or more on software, turn your business upside down (or go out of business in […]