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MSPs: Four Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Do you want a few quick and easy ways to upgrade your customer satisfaction now? The answer lies in your phone — and the following four tips. They’re simple tips. But will you actually embrace them?

MSPs: 10 Simple Marketing Ideas

MSPs: 10 Simple Marketing Ideas

Marketing seems to perplex some small VARs and managed service providers (MSPs). Despite the misconceptions, there are tons of easy, low-cost, and even free ways to market your business. To help out, I have organized a list of 10 easy marketing ideas… Take a look: 1. Build a Lead Database – Everyone you talk as […]

Small Business Marketing Myths

Recently, a friend of mine who owns a small business told me “Paul, I tried marketing and it didn’t work.”  I asked “What kind of marketing did you try?” His reply, which I’ll share in a few sentences, mortified me. And it offers some important lessons to managed service providers.

So, what type of marketing did he try?:

Why MSPs Need A Secondary Sales Pitch

Recently, our company was brainstorming new and creative ways to get a foot in the door with SMBs to sell Managed Services. Times are tight, so it takes a little ingenuity to nail down an initial chat with business owners. You need something that will get them excited, and Managed Services doesn’t always do that by itself.