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Who is Securing the Internet of Things?

Our digital world and the physical things that we interact with are on a collision course. As this convergence makes its way from the halls of CES to the aisles of Best Buy, you should anticipate IoT catching the wanting eyes of SMB customers. Here’s what they need to know.

Spam letter

Resurgence of Techniques: How Two Spam Methods Cause Major Security Concerns

Spam has been a cat-and-mouse game between anti-spam vendors and spammers for decades. Today, numerous spam filtering services capture spam with varying degrees of success–usually even a majority of the spam messages. However, a lot of end users and IT professionals view spam as merely a nuisance instead of a legitimate security threat.

SMB Fall Housekeeping: 5 Security Concerns to Discuss with Customers

It’s that time of year again: Summer is wrapped up, vacations are over, and the kids are safely back in school. In the business world, this is a prime opportunity to catch the executive team in the office before the holidays. Successful MSPs often use this time to conduct quarterly business reviews with managed customers. With new machines to install and systems to update, security conversations can easily be overlooked. Here are few things we should be discussing with our customers as the temperature drops.

The First Rule of Data Breaches: Stop Talking About Data Breaches

The first rule of data breaches is to stop talking about data breaches. Now, I realize that this is completely impossible—and with good reason. State data breach notification laws are in place for the majority of the country, with federal guidelines likely to follow.

Spear Phishing: Understanding the Need for Advanced Threat Protection

A friend and Nuvotera colleague, Daniel Norris, put together a fantastic blog post earlier this month digging into specific reasons to consider security when activating Office365. The post launched an internal debate about partner education and ways that we can better inform our end customers.

Using Office 365? Five Reasons to Consider a Security Upgrade

“I have customers moving to Office 365, so they don’t need additional security.” As the support supervisor for Nuvotera, a premier SaaS security distributor, I often hear similar quotes from customers. They are migrating over to, or are already on, Microsoft Office 365, and believe it is sufficient for their spam, encryption and archiving needs.

How Does Shadow IT Affect Your Managed Security Practice? 3 Things to Know

An industry buddy of mine said something interesting to me a few weeks ago: “The SMB doesn’t want to BUY security; they really just want the MSP to take care of it.” Conceptually, this isn’t a new idea. As subscribers of a service, any service, we as buyers have certain expectations.

Integrate or Die… A Love Story for the SMB

Last week our team (Nuvotera) proudly launched integration with Autotask, the second act in an ongoing mission to deploy best-of-breed, enterprise-class security into the top PSA platforms. Integration is a cornerstone for Nuvotera, first launching with Connectwise last fall. Nuvotera’s integration with Autotask creates immediate access to the entire McAfee SaaS portfolio—a big win for customers.

The People’s Champion – Overcoming the Compliance Revenue Hype Machine

“Build a new revenue stream!” “Earn huge profit opportunities!” Sound familiar? Compliance is a billion-dollar industry filled with auditors, vendors and consultants, each hungry for your business. It’s tough for managed service providers, many playing catch-up to a new compliance-focused reality.

Is ‘Good Enough’ Security Really Good Enough? 5 Ways Trusted Advisers Can Make Sure

A few weeks ago a partner asked a curious question during a conference. He wasn’t sure how to approach an existing vendor about back-end technology questions. He’d always enjoyed the ease of the product interface and never questioned the platform, until several of his customers were hit with the same problem. He said, “We were partners for so long … I just trusted that they had it handled. It seemed good enough.”