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Netwrix Guest Blog 1

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Three Ways for MSPs to Generate New Revenue Streams

Most of IT industry analysts agree that MSP market is in a state of unprecedented growth. Indeed, the research by MarketsAndMarkets predicts that, between 2014 and 2019, the size of MSP market will almost double, with the global managed service industry being worth an estimated $193 billion. As a result, managed service providers will be facing intense competition from traditional IT service companies entering the MSP market.

Netwrix Releases New Video For MSPs

Netwrix has released a video that explains how MSPs can generate new revenue streams by offering IT auditing and compliance as a service to their customers.

Trust Is a Key to Driving Additional Revenue for MSP Businesses

The need to succeed on the ever-expanding market of managed infrastructures encourages MSPs to create additional value-added services that can make their offerings more attractive and help build trusting relationships with customers. This, in turn, can create differentiation and offer new forms of revenue.

Netwrix Adopts a New Partner Strategy to Strengthen the Business of Its MSP Clients

It’s been a little while since Netwrix relaunched its global channel strategy and announced major enhancements to the traditional partner program that were specifically designed to help channel partners grow and rationalize their customer base. Now Netwrix is refocusing its concentration around managed service providers, making every effort to improve MSPs’ operational efficiency, agility and ROI, and providing them with tools, resources and programs necessary to drive demand and profits.

Netwrix Driving Secure DaaS & VDI

As part of our continued support of the MSP community, we wanted to update you on an amazing opportunity to leverage our platform, enabling Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers to create new revenue streams and offer compliance as a service and secure desktop as a service or secure virtual desktop infrastructure from any vendor in any place.

Bridge the gap

Bridging the Gap Between Security and Compliance for MSP Customers

MSP clients have started to pay much more attention to a full range of services when choosing a provider, and enhanced security components become the best way for MSPs to add value to their offerings and build trusting and long-term relationships with their clients.

Netwrix Offers New Revenue Streams for MSPs

The need for MSPs to offer security- and compliance-related services to their customers is rapidly increasing partly due to the cloud-based economy that is driving toward operational vs. capital expenses.