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Time, Multitasking and Money

Time. None of us seems to have enough of it. That’s one reason why we multitask, which really is another way of saying we’re concerned that we won’t have enough time to accomplish everything on our to-do lists.

Protected Data Is Like Money in the Bank

In our blog “Data Losses and Downtime Are No Small Issue” we mentioned that the annual cost of losing data is almost $1.7 trillion. More than half of that is the result of downtime disruptions. And data loss doesn’t discriminate; everyone is vulnerable. Businesses large and small are losing data—and money.

Data Losses and Downtime Are No Small Issue

All businesses create data and rely on it to remain successful and vibrant. And protecting that data is critical for the business to function without interruption. No data, no business. Backing up your data means protecting your business today and in the future. It means avoiding data losses and downtime.

Slowing Down Speeds Up Growth

If you’re a Simon and Garfunkel fan, you might remember the duo singing, “Slow down, you move too fast.” You might be thinking, “Sure, maybe they have time to slow down, but not me.” Growing your MSP business means never having enough time in the day to do everything you have to do. So it might seem counterproductive to slow down every once in a while.

Listen, Just Listen to Me!

In our previous blog, we discussed that as an IT partner to your customers what you are really selling is you, and once your customers trust that you understand their unique business challenges, the loyalty to buy from you increases. But with increased marketplace competition, you are no longer the only game in town. So, how can you show that you are the better choice? Listen!

What You Are Really Selling Is …You!

Selling product and increasing profits are what make for an attractive bottom line. But as a VAR or an MSP, what are you really selling? Is it product, or is it you?