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Is Franchising Right for You?

Is Franchising Right for You?

Having just written a book on how to know if franchising is right for you after your corporate career, I collector stories of people making good on the franchise dream. How are they doing it? I interview interesting franchisees all the time and was going to wrap it all up in one mega-blogpost, but I […]

Three Reasons Not to Stiff Your Vendors

I was reading a blog post recently (darn, forgot to bookmark it) about how to manage your business when things start going badly. The advice included cutting employees’ pay to avoid or postpone layoffs; outsourcing anything that can be done by third parties to reduce overhead; and slowing payments to your vendors. It’s the last item that got me to stop and think.

Top 10 Fears of Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Fears of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Magazine has a great article on the top five fears of entrepreneurs. But why stop at five? I’d like to expand the list to 10 common fears I hear about during my work as an executive coach. First, Entrepreneur’s top five fears of entrepreneurs. They are: 1. Fear of Failure: “Without a doubt, an […]

Six Things Small Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Success

In the small business I own, I’ve noticed an ebb and flow through the years — periods when I am really “on it” and other times when I am either coasting or not as engaged as I need to be. I bet that managed service providers or anyone with a small business goes through the same cycles.

The Newest New Economy for Entrepreneurs

The Newest New Economy for Entrepreneurs

I have a theory about startups (companies forming during this recession) that hasn’t been tested yet, so I’ve been reaching out to my network for input — on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, lots of emails, a few chats over coffee, and now here.

First, some background. What has happened in this economy is like the difference between:

  • B.C. and A.D.;
  • before the Great Depression and after;
  • the world of 9/10 and the world of 9/11 and beyond; and
  • before the Web and after.

Forced Entrepreneurs: Cheap And Profitable?

Forced Entrepreneurs: Cheap And Profitable?

The Times reports that the growing armies of the unemployed are sick and tired of sending out resumes and are starting their own businesses in droves. One laid-off biologist is making–and taking orders for, thank you very much– $25,000 jelly fish tanks. An entrepreneurship professor at the University of San Francisco coined this phenomenon “forced […]

Why Some MSPs Are About to Lose Customers

Barry, one of my coaching clients, is a financial advisor in California. He recently told me a story about a certified public accountant (CPA) who fails to connect emotionally with her clients. Stick with me, because the story definitely has implications for managed service providers (MSPs) that are striving to retain customers.

How to Reinvent Yourself In 2009

I recently spoke with a B2B publishing expert. Her predicament is similar to the challenge facing some VARs and solutions providers: She knows her industry cold, as well as the suppliers and the entire value chain. But she asks a good question: so what? Are the skills relevant to the future economy? Let’s be conservative and say no. But her knowledge can be turned into something very valuable.

Are You Charging Enough for Managed Services?

Recently, I was updating my contact database and asked my newsletter recipients to answer a question along with giving me their mailing info. The question was, “What is the biggest challenge you faced when making (or thinking about) the transition from being an executive to being an entrepreneur?”

I got a whole bunch of interesting answers. Several related to how to monetize one’s skill.

Good People Management In All Econonic Times

In 25+ years in corporate management (and those years are blissfully behind me), I witnessed a lot of behavior that was destructive of employee morale, as well as actions that built up morale. Here are some pointers that will help you motivate your people, whether you are in a large or small business.

2009: The Year of Managed Services Franchises?

If you’re wondering who’s going to do well in this economy, look no further than companies that sell franchises. In a very insightful article on, Mark Siebert notes that the increase in the unemployment rate of 1.4 percentage points over last year adds 2.2 million people to the jobless pool.

A CFO’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

I was introduced to’s Keith Simmons (pictured) by my CPA. I don’t often get together for a cup of coffee with a stranger, but because my accountant is someone I really trust, I decided to do it. We had no particular agenda except to see if there might be some common interests, and indeed there were.

How to Connect — And Reconnect — With Business Contacts

How to Connect — And Reconnect — With Business Contacts

I’ve spent a bunch of time the past several days thinking about ways to reconnect with people who’ve been important to me in various periods of my life. I’ve done a so-so job staying in touch, but the older I get the more important staying in contact feels. So I did a few things that […]

Does Your Staff Need An Emotional Rescue?

For many entrepreneurs and executives, emotions don’t have a place at work. I have met and worked for many senior managers who expect employees to show up in uniform, ready to play, with their game face on. I have also been that manager at times—the one with his own problems who just wishes everyone would do their jobs without complaint and let me do mine.

Look Before You Leap Into A Managed Services Franchise

At first glance, franchises are for fast food and retail stores. But franchises are popping up in the managed services market, and quite a few are successful.

Still, franchises aren’t for everyone. I had lunch the other day with a franchise consultant who helps people find a franchise that’s right for them. Here are some key thoughts from the conversation.

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