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Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

As a general rule, IT service providers like “the next big thing.” Collectively, the obsession is clear, as there is a constant push to find a new trend, a new technology and, therefore, a new offering.

Can You Handle the IoT Explosion?

The number of endpoints connected to the Internet continues to explode. With many of these being new classes of devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an ever-evolving area of investment. Companies like Intel and Microsoft are finding new opportunities, and I believe this will continue to be an area for solution providers of all sizes over time.

Getting Back to Basics

Savvy solution providers are always on the lookout for a trend and an opportunity. By identifying customer needs and developing a solution to address those needs, they can position themselves effectively as forward-thinking organizations with their customers’ priorities at their core.

How Can We Prepare for the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a predictable trend–one that solution providers can prepare for now. But what does preparation mean? It breaks down into two major pieces: tactics and strategy.

IoT Is Coming–It’s Time to Ensure We’re Prepared

Those focused on the SMB market will know that these businesses often spend their time focused on paying catchup with the latest technology trends. One trend we know is coming and should be preparing for now is the Internet of Things, warns Dave Sobel, director of Partner Community for MAXfocus at LogicNow.

We Need to Establish Security Best Practices for IoT Now

I love talking about the Internet of Things, or IoT. The buzzword is awful, but it’s a favorite topic of mine, bringing together the idea of an intelligently connected world with practical devices to create systems. These systems add intelligence, allowing devices to communicate machine-to-machine, and then take action as required.

Offshore Outsourcing: A New Selling Point for MSPs

Some years ago, moving services to offshore locations was all the rage. The trend remains current for many large businesses, including Microsoft, which still outsource plenty of their support functions to India and (it’s fair to assume) save serious sums of money in the process.

Is ‘Cloud Only’ Really the Right Strategy?

As recently as just a few years ago, many IT professionals and business owners were skeptical about moving to cloud services. Now the tide has turned, and the industry is witnessing solid support for a move to the cloud, driven significantly by the “as a service” focus of all the big-name IT vendors.

5 Tips for Your First Face-to-Face Customer Meeting

Do you enjoy sales meetings with new clients, or does the thought fill you with dread? “First impressions count” is a cliché for good reason. If you fail to develop the correct rapport with potential clients, you may lose the chance of ever providing them with your MSP services. Here are five tips to help you ensure you get the first meeting right.

MSPs: Is Your Own Disaster Recovery Plan in Place?

If you’re a proactive MSP, you probably generate plenty of work and revenue by helping customers organize their disaster recovery provision. (If you don’t, you’re missing a valuable opportunity, but that’s for another article.)

Ensuring Small-Business Data Security: A Valuable MSP Opportunity

Earlier this year, security vendor CSID carried out a survey that revealed worrying details as to how little effort some smaller businesses put into securing their customers’ confidential data. Only 43 percent of the small businesses surveyed said that they were happy with the security measures they have in place. Furthermore, only 12 percent reported having a plan in place for how they would deal with a security breach. Despite this, 80 percent store customer email addresses and telephone numbers on internal systems, and 70 percent store the home addresses of staff and customers.

Responsible for Cloud Services? This May Keep You Awake Tonight!

If you a responsible for a cloud services infrastructure that you sell to customers, it’s quite right that you should feel a certain level of anxiety with regard to keeping it running and maintaining security. After all, your customers depend on you to keep their businesses operational.

Customer Backups: File, Image or Both?

If you think back 10 years or so, backups were usually performed in a rather predictable way. Companies typically would use backup tapes: inexpensive DATs for SMEs and more pricey LTOs for companies with more data and more money to spend. It was a similar story in terms of software. While smaller businesses made do […]

Moving to the Cloud: 5 Things to Avoid

Moving IT services to the cloud has been an industry trend for a good while now, so you’ve undoubtedly had plenty of discussions about the pros and cons of doing so.

Attending IT Conferences: 5 Benefits of Showing Up

Do you make the effort to attend any IT conferences or seminars? If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, you are no doubt invited to plenty, but perhaps you don’t think them worth your time. This article presents you with five reasons why it might be worth taking time out to attend the next one that piques your interest.

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