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Managed Services: The Cure for IT Pain

Successful managed service providers understand the basic truisms of technology: Clients just want it to work, so don’t bother them with how it works. Second, technology is the

Promote Business Continuity as a Managed Service

Business continuity is the ability of an organization to continue functioning after an unplanned interruption. Data disaster recovery is an important part of business continuity capabilities.

Why does your end client need a business continuity solution? And what are the key components of a business continuity plan? Here are some answers.

Take Control of Your Demand Generation

If your client base isn’t growing, you can’t be happy and furthermore you’ll find it harder and harder pay the bills. Your support structure should allow you bring on more new clients and less new employees, if you’ve set up your assembly line properly. If you haven’t, that’s a problem that will require much more time to cover.


A Door Opener for Managed Services

We all talk about how difficult it is to grow our sales. Is there a magic bullet? What can you use as a door opener so you can promote your managed services? Let’s focus on what small to medium size businesses (SMB) are looking for.

According to top publications and research groups, business owners and managers in the SMB market are most inter

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