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Use Business Recovery as a Gateway to Cloud Storage

IT service providers that have been selling cloud-based business continuity solutions surely have noticed data backup and recovery is one of the most popular cloud-based offerings with end users. In

Managed Services Growth Ahead, but Education Still Needed

All the talk about the cloud over the past couple of years has obscured managed services to some extent. However, the managed services market remains in high-growth mode, and MSPs looking to increase revenue

Five Ways to Survive a Double-Dip Recession

MSPs by and large fared well after the 2008 banking crisis that sent the economy into a dive. Many customers saw managed services as way to control IT costs at a time they needed to tig

Education is the Key to Cloud Adoption

Do your customers know what the cloud is? Chances are they have some vague ideas about cloud computing, but if you pressed them on how the cloud fits into their IT needs, most would stumble.


What Makes a Cloud Aggregator?

We haven’t quite left the hype stage of cloud computing yet, which means fear and confusion still weigh disproportionately on decisions of whether to jump on the cloud. For IT service provide

MSPs: Let Your Customers Open Doors for You

Which endorsement of a product or service would carry the most weight with you: a paid advertisement, or a positive review from a friend or respected peer? That’s kind of a no-brainer isn’

Five Steps Solutions Providers Should Take In 2011

New year, new opportunities. That is what every MSP should be thinking as 2011 approaches. By now, you should have set your business priorities for the coming year, but if you’re still working

MSPs: How to Chase Post-Recession Opportunities

If you believe the official reports, the recession is over. But with unemployment still hovering at 9.7%, down from 10.4 % last month and some corporate buyers still reluctant to spend, it will take more

Data Protection Audits, IT Assessments: Your Foot In the Door

Data Protection Audits, IT Assessments: Your Foot In the Door

Everyone working in the IT channel these days knows that leading with product when engaging the client is a thing of the past. The solution provider relationship with the client now revolves around the delivery of services. But how does a solution provider determine precisely what services to deliver? What is most important to a client? Here are so

Can MSPs Afford to Sit on the Cloud Computing Sidelines?

Before I start, the answer is NO. You can’t afford to ignore that elephant in the room. You’re risking everything that you have established up until now. A fundamental shift is taking place and it can’t be

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