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Essential Elements of a Business Continuity Solution – Part 1

Essential Elements of a Business Continuity Solution – Part 1

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I was glued to the news coverage and wondering how those in the worst-hit areas were faring.  I couldn’t help but wonder how its victims would recover.  Did they have flood insurance? Will it cover their losses? How long will it take them to rebuild?

The Case for the Private Cloud

Business decision makers considering a cloud migration are often confronted with a dilemma: While they welcome the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing, they are uncomfortable with keeping their data outside of their networks. Here’s a closer look at the challenges and the solutions.

Setting Expectations: Time for MSPs to Get Back to Basics

Some of the most successful MSPS have an all-or-nothing approach, effectively telling the customer: You either entirely outsource all your IT needs to us or find another services provider. This doesn’t work for all MSPs, but the approach defines what you offer and sets clear customer expectations.