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Company: Consultant

Job Title: Cloud Security

Lori MacVittie 1

Lori MacVittie is responsible for education and evangelism of application services available across F5’s entire product suite. Her role includes authorship of technical materials and participation in a number of community-based forums and industry standards organizations, among other efforts. She currently focuses on cloud computing, infrastructure, devops, data center architecture, and security-related topics. MacVittie has extensive development and technical architecture experience in both high-tech and enterprise organizations, in addition to network and systems administration expertise. Prior to joining F5, MacVittie was an award-winning technology editor at Network Computing Magazine.

She holds a B.S. in Information and Computing Science from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, and an M.S. in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University, and is an O’Reilly author. She is Technical Editor and a member of the steering committee for CloudNOW, a non-profit consortium of the leading women in cloud computing.

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Does the Microsoft Docker marriage make sense

Microsoft, Docker: A Match Made In Heaven?

There are some saying that a Microsoft and Docker marriage just doesn’t make sense. After all, we’re talking about Microsoft and a free and open source project. That’s just crazy talk. It isn’t so crazy, however, from the perspective of a Microsoft cloud strategy focused on developers.

Every survey ever done on cloud adoption cites security as a concern

Closing The Cloud Security Gap

Every survey ever done on cloud adoption cites security as a concern, a challenge or (more often than not) as the number one reason why public cloud isn’t eating IT. In particular, this “cloud security gap” is increasingly cited as problematic for organizations adopting public cloud for application deployments that go beyond the often mentioned “dev and test” use cases.

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Hybrid Cloud’s Achilles’ Heel

Integration is the Achilles’ heel of hybrid cloud. The cost of addressing the requirements for integration is usually deemed prohibitive. But even if we assume that cost is not a factor, there still remain challenges with integration

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Are Hybrid Cloud ‘Architectures’ Inevitable?

Back in 2013, research firm Gartner predicted that nearly half of large enterprises would have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. That seems reasonable, particularly given the nebulous definition of cloud, so let’s review.

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Why DevOps Drives Cloud Success

The concept of DevOps isn’t always called DevOps. Sometimes it’s called by another name. Either way, here’s why avoiding silos enable transformation in the cloud.

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Clouds in Boxes: Is This a New Trend?

Enterprises are adopting the hybrid cloud approach, and to make things easier for them, CSPs are rolling out new cloud-in-a-box offerings.