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Long Live the Laptop?

With all the recent talk about tablets, mobile Internet devices and the cloud, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the

The New PC: Operating in the Cloud

Rich Cheston has been in the PC business almost from the beginning –  long enough to earn his status of Master Inventor at Lenovo. In this post, he shares his most recent technical passion – the fir

How VARs Can Create Noise At a Trade Show

The noise — and the hype — can get pretty darn loud when you’re at a technology conference. But if you’re a savvy VAR, you can rise above the noise

What Comes After Facebook?

As I come back from another large Channel event filled with potential game-changing sessions on cloud, social media and next generation managed services, it got me thinking about the nex

The PC Is Not Dead; Long Live PCs

The PC Is Not Dead; Long Live PCs

It seems like once a year an article or blog gets posted re-igniting the debate on the future of computing devices.  Because I often speak about the future of technology, the topic is of great interest to me — especially when it comes to the future of PCs.

First, let me pose a question: Why don’t other industries have the same black/white me

20 Computers You WILL Own in the Next 5 Years

Would you recognize if you were at the beginning of a technological tipping point? Welcome to 2010! The convergence of ubiquitous connectivity and cloud computing has one simple an

Blending Mobility with Unified Communications

Recently listening to a group of Channel Partners with Unified Communication (UC) expertise was fascinating. Questions ranged from when it will become ubiquitous in small and medium business to the industry players that are going to make it a reality. Here’s a closer look at the conversation.

As always, my thoughts turned to the hardware side of

Pervasive Computing Meets Netbooks — And Thinbooks

For years I have been speaking about pervasive computing, the concept that technology will be ubiquitous in our everyday life. The debate has centered on whether we will focus on one powerful and flexible computing device to service all of our needs — from email, web surfing, gaming, managing personal finances to running our small business. Or wil

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