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Getting the Most Out of Lenovo’s Latest 1U Rack Server

In the six years since Lenovo launched its ThinkServer line, the business has gained momentum and grown exponentially. We’ve invested heavily in R&D and continue to aggressively attack the global enterprise opportunity, including storage, server, networking, and related software and services.

Shaping the Future with Lenovo and Microsoft

Shape the Future is old news. But Microsoft’s overhaul of the six-year-old program is certainly not. Reduced purchase costs to VARs and ease of implementation mean that selling into the public education space is easier and more lucrative.

The New ThinkPad X1 Carbon: Less is More (and More is More)

At first sight, the previous version of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon and the new one both are incredibly thin and lightweight. But the new machine is a giant leap from its predecessor. The New ThinkPad X1 Carbon features a new “Combo OneLink Dock” (part of the power port) for docking. I saw this docked to a 4000×2000 resolution display at CES. And that looked incredible!

All-In-One Computers: The Next Wave of Desktops

When I talk to people about desktop computers, so often they’re still thinking of large boxes sitting on the floor with a lot of messy cables seemingly going everywhere, and a connected monitor sitting on the desk. But that image is mostly a thing of the past. Today’s desktops are smaller and sleeker, yet even more powerful and functional than the big boxes of the past.

Multi-Mode Devices: The Next Wave of End-User Computing

Employees love the smartphones and tablets they use at home. They love them so much that many bring them to work and increasingly expect their work-related technologies to offer the same simplicity and touch-enabled experiences.

Tiny: The Next Big Thing in Desktop Computers

There is a lot of talk today about systems getting smaller, thinner and lighter. Tablets have become the norm for consuming content. Customers like them because they can go anywhere, they have long batte

Meet Sammy Kinlaw, Lenovo’s Director of Channel Sales

Sammy Kinlaw is the perfect choice as Lenovo’s director of Channel Sales. In addition to having a ton of energy, Sammy also carries an impressive resume: Before he took on his new role, he was the director of Dis