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Asterisk: Who’s Answering the Call for Training?

The Asterisk industry seems to be answering a loud, global call for open source IP PBX training. While Digium has started planning for the annual AstriCon conference, solutions providers and training centers are striving to educate the masses about the open source IP PBX. Here are some perspectives.

Installfests: First Linux, Now Asterisk

I’ve attended my share of Linux installation festivals (installfests), where open source volunteers typically take donated Windows PCs and revive them as Linux systems. Now, the installfest craze seems to have found a new calling: The Asterisk IP PBX market, where open source meets telephony.

Digium Asterisk and Fax Finally Connect

Sometimes when you compete in a marathon, you forget the basics — such as tying your shoes. That’s the case at Digium, which faces fierce competition in the IP PBX market — and is only now introducing Fax for Asterisk. Why did it take Digium so long to bring this solution to market? If you’re distracted by that question you’re missing the bigger picture: Fax for Asterisk is another sign that Digium is growing up.