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2019 MSP 501 MSSP Report

The total addressable managed security market is expected to exceed $58 billion by 2024 as the scope of cybercriminals reaches beyond the enterprise and large-midmarket businesses to include the smallest mom-and-pop shops. The demand for cybersecurity talent is mounting but is being met with a severe shortage of folks who fit the bill, at least […]

Cybersecurity Partnership Handshake

Why Managed Security Presents A Golden Opportunity for MSPs

The threat landscape is vast, diverse and increasingly dangerous, with hackers constantly introducing new malware variants and identifying network vulnerabilities to exploit. A single cyberattack can deliver a serious setback to any company’s plans and operations, forcing it to spend money and effort on remediation — resources that otherwise would be allocated to fulfilling strategic […]

Inside of umbrella

The Ultimate Guide to On-Site Managed Services

The flexibility to perform standard IT maintenance off-site has given MSPs opportunity to serve more customers with less resources. This makes comprehensive service agreements that include on-site services seem much less efficient and financially draining, but they don’t have to be! Our guide to on-site managed services will walk you through how to effectively serve […]

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