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How Changing SMB Client Requirements Are Reshaping the MSP Market

We often get caught up in discussions about “hot” markets for MSPs–and the list is growing, from security to cloud to mobile to firewall management. But it’s important to level set occasionally. The reason these markets are hot is because the technology requirements of the small- and medium-sized businesses that MSPs serve are undergoing a sea change.

Making Sense of MSP Merger & Acquisition Mania

M&A activity is remaking the MSP competitive landscape, with new announcements made almost daily. MSPs ignore this ongoing M&A “mania” at their own risk. Every MSP must evaluate all options and determine their preferred plan, whether it’s to buy, sell, merge or stay the current course.

Top Lessons from High-Growth MSPs

Like many of you, I’ve been with the MSP market from the beginning–as VARs and ISVs first transitioned into break/fix shops and then into first-generation MSPs. We’re now facing another important inflection point in the MSP market evolution, driven by several critical developments.

10 Time-Saving Marketing Hacks for MSPs

You know you need to ramp up your marketing efforts. Everyone is telling you so ― industry advisers, consultants, your sales team, your spouse. I’m sure your dog, if he could, would look up at you and say: “Dude, content marketing.”

Five Common-Sense Fails for Onboarding New Clients

I was talking to an MSP the other day about onboarding. He had thought long and hard about how to optimize his onboarding practices, incorporating current best practices and expert recommendations. Despite all that hard work, however, he had overlooked several critical onboarding considerations that could result in even more satisfied clients, less client churn and, perhaps most importantly, stronger margins.

Step Up to the Plate with Security Services in 2015

It’s no surprise that security was the No. 1 SMB concern among respondents surveyed for the recent CompTIA study, “Enabling SMBs with Technology.” As the report states, “Security is quickly becoming a top priority for all businesses as breaches occur more frequently and carry more serious repercussions.”

Why Does IDaaS Matter to Your Business?

IT service providers face a number of challenges today. The rise of cloud technology means that many of the services they traditionally offer clients are now being handled off site, in the cloud. This has an immediate effect on revenue and profitability. However, IDaaS (identity as a service) can provide your business with a wide range of benefits while delivering vital solutions to your clients.

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