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Jessica Davis is the former Content Director for MSPmentor. She spent her career covering the intersection of business and technology.  She's also served as Editor in Chief at Channel Insider and held senior editorial roles at InfoWorld and Electronic News.

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LabTech Automation Nation 2015: Heard in the Halls

LabTech Software Automation Nation 2015 included lots of great break out sessions, labs and exhibits, but there was just as much interesting news going on outside the conference rooms as inside them. MSPmentor was on the ground learning about new developments going on behind the scenes. Here are the details.

Director of Development and ISFP Brett Cheloff

LabTech Automation Nation 2015: Keynote Lays Out Product Roadmap

LabTech Software will accelerate its platform update release cycle going forward, improve scalability and continue with deeper integration with ScreenConnect, the remote control technology acquired by ConnectWise in February. Director of Development Brett Cheloff delivered that news and more during a keynote address at LabTech Software Automation Nation 2015 today. Here are the details.

LabTech Software Automation Nation 2015: 5 Questions I’ll Ask

LabTech Software has rolled out a developer platform, integrated an acquired remote control technology, and added lots of new employees over the last 12 months. So what’s left to do now? I’ll find out. I’ll be on the ground at Automation Nation in Orlando this week, and here are five questions I plan to ask.

Richard Garratt executive lead for Dimension Data39s data center business unit in the Americas

Executive Interview: Dimension Data’s Managed Services for Data Centers

Dimension Data recently rolled out globally standardized managed services for data centers. MSPmentor wanted to find out more — what’s the market, the demand, and who are the customers — so we caught up with Richard Garratt, the executive who leads the data center business unit for Dimension Data in the Americas. Here’s what he told us.

SolarWinds N-able N-central 10 New UI: A Closer Look with Screenshots

SolarWinds N-able has launched N-central 10, featuring Direct Support, improved and deeper integration with Autotask and ConnectWise, and an improved user interface. Since the new user interface is a big part of this update, we thought we’d show you what it looks like with screenshots. Here’s a look at N-central 10.

Christian Nagele left AEM GM of Sales and Ian Van Reenen right AEM GM of Product Development

Autotask Community Live!: CentraStage Founders Talk RMM, Autotask

MSPmentor caught up with the founders of CentraStage (now Autotask Endpoint Management.) Will their feature roadmap be enough to persuade managed service providers to migrate from competitive RMM platforms? We spoke with these founders and with Autotask customers to find out. Here’s the answer.

Len DiCostanzo SVP of Community and Business Development at Autotask

Autotask Community Live!: Pricing Your Services and Understanding Your Costs

Understanding your costs and pricing your services correctly is a key to being a successful managed service provider. Autotask Senior VP of Community and Business Development Len DiCostanzo provided MSPs with a master class in how to do it during Autotask Community Live! Here are the highlights.

Autotask CEO Mark Cattini talks about the Apple Watch and sheep during his keynote address at Autotask Community Live

Autotask Community Live!: Execs Promise Unified PSA, RMM Platform

The endgame message is for Autotask’s professional services automation (PSA) platform and its recently acquired CentraStage remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform is to be integrated into a single platform for MSPs and other IT service providers. Here are the details of that and more from the first day of Autotask Community Live!

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