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Jeff O’Heir is a freelance writer and editor who covers all sides of the IT and consumer electronics industries. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Dan Levine CEO of CytexOne Technology

Case Study: Integrator Checks IoT Into a Brooklyn Hotel

When The William Vale hotel in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn opens its doors early next year, guests not only will be staying at one of the biggest hotels in the borough’s hippest neighborhood, they’ll be staying in one of the most connected.

VARs, MSPs Positioned To Gain High IoT Profits

Solution providers and MSPs are among the top five business segments that stand to make the most money from IoT implementations, tech executives predicted in CompTIA’s “Sizing Up the Internet of Things,” a new report that explores the commercial opportunities, ecosystems and regulatory implications associated with the emerging technology.

Meet the Companies Shaping IoT Standards

The main components of the Internet of Things—hardware, software and connectivity—are nearly useless without the standards and rules that will create compatibility and interoperability among devices and platforms.

How to Overcome Toughest IoT Challenges

Expanding vendor relationships, developing new engineering skills, reaching new buyers, selling new solutions. Those challenges could apply to almost any new offering VARs have launched during the last 15 years. This year, they happen to relate to IoT commercial applications and the difficulties of forming a practice that can combine sensors; actuators; data capture, distribution, management and analytics; Wi-Fi infrastructures; and rock-solid security and privacy solutions.

How to Sell IoT Solutions to Government Agencies

Government agencies that wait to explore and deploy IoT solutions waste valuable time in delivering important services and educating their constituents about the effect and impact those new technologies will have on their lives and wallets.

Survey: IoT, Big Data, Mobility Drove Record Q2 M&As

Corporations looking to tap into the growth of the Internet of Things (ioT), expand smart mobility solutions and add high-performance cloud data centers fueled record M&A value and growth during the second quarter.

Report Shows Plenty of IoT Opportunity for Channel

How are large global companies using The Internet of Things?  How much are they spending on the implementations and where are they investing? How does IoT improve business models, products and revenue? What are IoT’s key benefits?

Study: Enterprises Want IoT Solutions, They’re Just Taking Their Time

Let us all take a minute, bow our heads and give thanks for the Internet of Things. Whatever IoT means to your company, VARs should think of it as a fantastic marketing phrase that draws attention and generates opportunities around the latest phase of the IT evolution they’ve played an integral role in for the last 20 years.

Jeff Ready Scale Computing CEO

Scale Computing Hammers Down $18M Funding Round

Scale Computing, a developer of hyperconvergence solutions, recently closed an $18 million funding round that the Indianapolis-based company will use to deliver new products to global customers in the midmarket.

Study: IoT’s Commercial Value Trumps Consumer Hype

Lost in the hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and the promised benefits it will bring to consumers is the actual value its applications and solutions will deliver through commercial markets.

IT Opportunities From the Next Phase of IoT: Living Services

The connected devices, sensors, cloud, data and analytics that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) will work together to deliver a new set of personalized services that intuitively learn a person’s habits, tailor offerings to changing or personalized needs and react to fluctuations in the environment or behavioral patterns … all in real time.

IoT Gets Needed Push from Google and Samsung

The Internet of Things is nothing new—it's ust an awful name attached to a steadily evolving ecosystem, one that took root in network computing, sprouted into pervasive computing and barely blossomed into something called convergence.